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11 Things That You Can Talk About In A Healthy And Happy Relationship

It is often said that in order to have a healthy relationship, one needs to have effective communication. This is because effective communication can help couples in understanding each other in a better way and developing a strong bond. But there can be times when you may run out of topics to talk with your partner.

During the initial days of your relationship, you and your partner may feel like talking endlessly to each other but as your relationship grows older, there can be times when you may not understand what you need to talk about. To help you with this, today we are here with some topics that you can talk about in a healthy relationship. Scroll down the article to read more.

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1. Your Daily Routine

Both of you can talk about your daily routine and whereabouts. For example, you can discuss the time you woke-up and what you had in your breakfast. You can also talk about how you managed to reach the workplace or college on time. Discussing your daily routine with your partner may seem boring to you but it can help you in understanding each other, especially when you are physically apart. You will get to know how both of you manage things on your own.


2. Weekend Plans And Getaways

This is an exciting thing to discuss with your partner. You can share your weekend plans to let each other know in what ways you will be spending your weekends. This way you will be then able to decide if you can include each other in your weekend plans. You can then have something interesting to look forward to.


3. Discuss Your Favourite Fictional Character

If you have recently finished reading a book or watching a movie and can't get over a fictional character, then you can discuss it too. You can let your partner know what makes the character so interesting and what the good aspects of the book/movie are. You can also recommend each other some good books and movies. This will definitely give you many topics to discuss with each other.


4. Appreciate Each Other’s Efforts

Yes, you can surely talk about how both of you put equal efforts in the relationship. It is good to appreciate your partner's efforts. You can talk about things that you admire in each other such as the way your partner prepares your favourite coffee, the moment you return from work, or the way your partner supports you. You can also appreciate your partner's personality.


5. Make Plans For The Places You Want To Explore

What could be better than talking about the places you want to explore with your partner? Well, it can definitely make the conversation exciting and interesting. Both of you can suggest different places and then you can decide where you want to go. It can be any place such as a hill-station or a small village. You can also decide about the amount of time, you will spend exploring the place you chose.


6. Your Spiritual Beliefs

Different people have different spiritual beliefs and it is absolutely fine to discuss them with your partner. You can tell the traditions and rituals that you follow and why you have faith in a particular spiritual belief. While having this discussion, make sure you are listening to your partner as well. Avoid being judgmental and trying to impose your beliefs on your partner.


7. Discuss Your Problems And Challenges

If something has been troubling you for days, then you can let your partner know about the same. As a couple, both of you can definitely share your problems and challenges with each other. You will be able to advise each other to tackle the problems in a better way and find a solution. Not only this, but this will help in developing a strong emotional bond as well.


8. Your Expectations From The Relationship

It is obvious that you and your partner will be having some expectations from your relationship. It is not necessary that you will be having similar expectations but you can definitely let your partner know what's on your mind. You can let him/her know what you want from the relationship and if you wish to see any positive changes.


9. Things Related To Your Family

Both of you can discuss each other's family as well. You can let your partner know about your siblings and cousins. If there's an issue going on in your family and you feel like discussing it with your partner, then it's absolutely okay. You can also talk about how close you are with your family members and other aspects of your family. This will help both of you in understanding each other's family in a better way.


10. Talk About Your Future Goals

Talking about future goals with your partner and letting him/her know about your dreams and aspiration can also be a good topic for you to talk about. It can be anything such as if you want to work on your body, buy a house or pursue any degree. Both of you can also make some future plans for your relationship such as your marriage or the time you want to have children.


11. Your Financial Goals And Other Money-Related Topics

It is good to discuss money with your partner as it plays an important role in one's life. Discussing your financial goals or any other money-related issues such as your monthly expenses, shopping bills, rent amount, etc. can help you in eliminating any chances of misunderstandings. You can discuss each other's spending and saving habits as well.

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These topics will help you in developing strong emotional bonds with your partner. Both of you will be able to understand each other in a better way and help during difficult times. You will never get bored of talking on the above-mentioned topics.