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8 Signs Your Lady Love Truly Cares For You

What could be better than having a partner who cares for you like anything? When you find someone who genuinely cares about you and loves you unconditionally, life seems to be happier. However finding someone in the times of casual relationships, hookups, ghosting, caspering and submarining is a bit difficult. Even if you cross paths with someone who seems to be genuine and caring, your mind may feel doubtful at times. After all, you would certainly not wish to be with someone who wants only fun and not a serious relationship. This happens mostly with women but men too aren't untouched by the feeling where they want to know if their girlfriends truly care for them or not.

Therefore, today we are here with some signs that will tell you (read: men) that your girlfriend genuinely cares for you. And if you spot these signs in your lady love, then we would suggest you not to let her go.

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1. She Is Always Keen To Your Whereabouts

Your girlfriend will always show her interest in knowing your whereabouts and how your day went. She will make sure to ask if you had your breakfast and lunch on time or not. It is not because she is your girlfriend and therefore, she needs to know your whereabouts. In fact, she would do this because she genuinely cares for you.


2. She Always Has Your Back

No matter how bad the situation is she will always have your back. She will never leave you alone and will always support you. Whenever you feel low, she will be always there to pick you up by either giving you a pep talk or pushing you till you try once again. Also, she will never withstand any word against you. She will shut down those who speak wrong things about you. This is because she knows you are a good person and she believes in you. Also, she cares for you.


3. She Shows Respect To People Important In Your Life

She knows what roles your family members and friends play in your life and therefore, she respects them. You will never find her disrespecting your loved ones. In case, she is upset over any of your friends, colleagues, family members or relatives, she will let you know personally but would never disrespect them. She will try her best to know more about your family members and friends. You will also find her developing a nice bond with them.


4. She Becomes Happy In Your Happiness

Someone who finds his/her happiness in yours will be one of the most genuine persons in your life. Similarly, you will find your girlfriend feeling happy after seeing you happy about something. She will be elated even at your small success. Also, when you are sad, you will never find her being in a happy state of mind. In fact, she too will feel sad and upset. She wouldn't do this for the sake of doing it but because she is genuinely connected to you and cares for you.


5. She Motivates To Achieve Your Goals

If your girlfriend truly cares about you, she will always encourage you to achieve your goals and fulfill your dreams. Whenever you feel low and demotivated, she will be your biggest support system. She will make you believe in yourself so that you always make the best out of every opportunity. This is because she is really concerned about you and seeing you moving ahead in your life will make her more than happy. She will not only motivate you but will also feel proud of you.


6. She Is Concerned For Your Health

Another sign that tells if your girlfriend cares for you truly is that she will always care for your health. Once she comes to know about the food you are allergic to, she herself will make sure to keep you away from it. She will make sure if you are having a proper diet and an adequate amount of sleep. At times, you may find her carrying for you just like your mother does. If you see your girlfriend caring for you to such an extent then it is never wise in letting her go.


7. She Gives You The Best Advice

A person who genuinely cares for you and wants to see you excel in your life will always give you the best advice. He/she will never suggest something that may cause problems for you in the future. Similarly, if your girlfriend cares for you wholeheartedly, she will advise you to always choose the right thing. She will give you advice after analysing all the possibilities and outcomes.


8. She Always Remembers Every Single Detail About You

Why would someone pay attention to your small detail if he/she doesn't care for you genuinely? Your girlfriend would always remember your likes and dislikes such as what you would prefer for breakfast or what makes you feel relaxed after a busy day. She will remember your favourite shirt, favourite holiday destination, your genre of books, things you are particular about. So, if you find your girlfriend paying attention to even the smallest detail about you, then you should understand that you are always on her mind.

Story first published: Thursday, May 7, 2020, 13:40 [IST]