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Are You In A Co-dependent Relationship? 7 Signs That Say Your Relationship Is Co-dependent

Are you the one who makes most of the sacrifices and compromises in your relationship? If your answer is 'yes' then you must know you are in a co-dependent relationship.

A relationship is said to be a co-dependent relationship if you are dependent on your partner's approval for every single thing. When you are in a co-dependent relationship, even your self-worth and personality depend on the validation of your partner. Moreover, you might find it absolutely fine to make sacrifices so that you could match your partner's way of living.

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Maybe you didn't realise your relationship is co-dependent. So to help you in this we have listed some signs that say you are in a co-dependent relationship.

1. You Seem To Lost Your Identity

You might feel close and connected to your partner. But if you think you are no more what you used to be before entering the relationship, then you are in a co-dependent relationship. You must understand you are a unique person and therefore, you need to keep your identity intact. Even if you are in a relationship, you must not lose your personal interest, goals and hobbies. You should ask yourself whether you are doing what you loved to do or not. If not, then re-evaluate your love life.

2. You Have Changed Your Lifestyle For Them

It is quite obvious that you and your partner might be having different lifestyles as you come from different backgrounds and have different perspectives. It is good to adjust and bring some positive changes in your habits and lifestyle to bring mutual happiness. But if you have completely changed your lifestyle to suit your partner's then you need to think about yourself.

For example, you didn't like to drink and eat junk but now you are doing it daily just to please your partner. You must stop doing that. You should do things that make you happy.

3. You Have A Social Life Only When Your Partner Is Busy

Do you spend almost all your time with your partner and meet your friends only when your partner is busy? If yes, then you are in a co-dependent relationship.

It is obvious that as a couple you and your partner will be spending most of the free time together but if you have no other option to spend time in your way other than with your partner, then that is not a good sign. You need to have a social life separate from your partner and there is nothing wrong in this.

4. Your Partner's Mood Decides Your Mood

If your mood depends solely on your partner's mood then you must understand that the relationship is becoming co-dependent. It is fine to feel bad if your partner is genuinely sad due to a loss incurred in his/her life but feeling unhappy all the time just because your partner is not happy, is not at all good. One needs to acknowledge their true feelings.

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5. You Feel Like A Caretaker

It is a good gesture to care about one's partner but if you feel like it is only you who take care of things, then it is a sign that your relationship is co-dependent. You are in the relationship because you too deserve to be cared and loved. Nobody gets into a relationship for playing the role of a caretaker.

6. You Become Anxious Without Them

Missing your partner when he/she goes on a holiday is not a big deal. But if you are constantly missing your partner throughout the day and feel anxious in his/her absence, it is a sign that you are in a codependent relationship. In a healthy relationship, people feel comfortable and happy even when they are indulged in an activity with someone other than their partner.

7. You Are Scared To Give Your Opinion

A relationship involves two individuals having their own opinions and perspectives. Couples should, therefore, feel free to give their personal opinions on a matter.

So if you think your partner might feel bad if you ask him/her to watch a comedy movie instead of a horror movie, it might be okay for the time being. But if you think in the same way for every single thing happening in your relationship then you need to reconsider your relationship.

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People who are in a co-dependent relationship might feel it difficult to find their individuality again and regain their lost self-confidence. But by establishing healthy boundaries and effective rules, you can balance your love life and your personal life.