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    We Are The Last Generation To Fall In Love Over The Landlines

    By Tanya

    Of course! As the title says, we are the last generation to fall in love over the landlines. From asking our lover to make us a call whenever we signal to dating through the dating sites, a lot of things have changed in the definition and trends of love.

    One thing that has still not changed is the purity and essence of love. It still gives you butterflies in your stomach, it still makes you cry and it still continues to make you a better and stronger person.

    We are the last generation

    The following 11 scenarios are the trends that have changed and you can already feel it:

    From Landlines To Cell Phones

    Those were the days when we used to tell our guy or girl to call us only when we signal. But now, every kid has a personal cell phone and hates to get hindered in their privacy.

    From Strict Parents To Cool Parents

    Those were the days when we used to get chills whenever our parents used to pick up the call of the guy/girl we are involved with. But now, everything is pretty transparent. We see our siblings getting their love interests for house dates and chill on the sofas and mums serving them.

    From Orkut To Whatsapp

    Those were the days when we used to send texts on Orkut to our crushes and it was visible for everyone on this entire blue-green ball. But now, we have Whatsapp and other social media sites, which have taken this trend to a whole new and next level, where privacy plays the most important role.

    Bunking Tuitions To House Dates

    Those were the days when we used to bunk tuitions and go for dates, but now we seek permission from our parents and go out for dates. Rather, they call our dates home to treat them :P Now, no fear of bunking tuitions at all.

    From Love Letters To E-mails

    I understand that love letters were a 90's and before trend but even we have sent love letters. But now, which millennial will ever do it? None! They believe in attachments, e-mails and social media to communicate rather than taking the pain of writing a love letter and posting it.

    From Back Camera To Front Camera

    Those were the days when we had to struggle to take a selfie from a back camera of the cell phone and send it to our lover through Facebook or e-mail as an attachment because neither did front cameras exist nor was there an attachment option on Whatsapp. But now with the new features of Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc., sending the picture is super easy.

    From Slambooks To Wordpress

    Those were the days when we used to maintain a so-called personal diary and slam books to keep our secrets, but now WordPress has taken over. We store our memories and secrets in WordPress, photographs, phone notes, etc.

    From Dry Roses To Smileys

    Have you ever kept roses in your personal diary and then admired it later when it dried? Of course, every 90's kid has done that. The smell of the dry rose and the memories related to it used to give you a different kind of blush that nothing can give. But now, the dry roses have been replaced by our very own lovable smileys. Gone are the days when a dry rose was a symbol of the long lost love.

    From Balcony To Social Window

    There were days when we used to stalk our crush from the balcony or the window pane whenever he/she used to cross down our lane. But, now social media window stalking is enough. Justified much. If your lover/crush is miles away, what else can you do rather than stalking him/her on the social media?

    From Pen Friends To Dating Sites

    Do you remember meeting someone through a gaming site, or a pen friend you have been talking through letters and books? Yes, a lot of us have done that. But now, blind dates, dating site dates, social media dates, etc., has taken over and made a new trend.

    From Sharing Passwords To Asking For Space

    This is a hilarious nostalgia which every one of us can relate to when we used to share our social media passwords with our lover as a base for trust. From Facebook to Gmail passwords, every social media password was shared and the one who denied was considered a cheater. But, now every one of us finds it really kiddish and want our own space. Personal space has become more necessary than trust definitely.

    As we know, change is the rule of nature and this is how we humans have accepted it. No doubt, everyone who is reading it would be getting a nostalgia and cherishing their teenage love stories. A millennial will never get to experience the kind of love that a 90's kid experienced in their love story.

    "The thrill of things done while hiding is lost when you do it publically."

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    Story first published: Friday, April 13, 2018, 11:30 [IST]
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