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    Things To Think After You End The Relationship

    By Soham

    As much as it is fun to be in a relationship, it is also sad when it comes to its end.

    But after the break-up, it is the main learning period for you. You start going through your relationship timeline just to find where all did it go wrong. You start thinking about it in a varied perspective.

    end the relationship

    This post-break-up phase is the main learning period, wherein you see all the flags, red, green and yellow.

    The red flags indicate the core problems. The yellow ones indicate minute errors, which can be easily avoided. The green indicates everything as perfect as it should be.

    You start finding the glitches from where it started and where it ended and how it became the main cause for the relationship to not work.

    You see all these need to happen, in order to learn and not do the same mistakes again in the next. If you don't learn yet, then you are certain that you will keep getting into relationships and later come out of it.

    In order to find out the red and yellow flags, I have summed up certain points wherein you can find your learning.

    So, here are the questions that you need to ask yourself and learn after a break-up.

    Things To Think After You End The Relationship

    1. Notice the signs that are red flags.

    Rewind your memory to the start of the relationship, and think about the wrongs you happened to do in the relationship. Make a note of it.
    This will help you in not repeating the same the next time you feel like getting into a relationship. The measures you will take to revise will be evident in the next relationship.

    2. Make a note of the empty promises.

    Remember to filter out the empty promises that were given to you and know that there will again come in the next relationship. Since you have figured out these are empty and have no value, you will stop listening to such promises.

    3. Remember the mistakes of your ex

    After noticing your mistakes, it is time for you to remember the mistakes of your ex.
    It is true that there will be mistakes from your ex's side too. Notice them. The reason behind it is you will know these are the mistakes that triggered you. You get angry or irritated, annoyed and sad.
    These mistakes if repeated in your next relationship, you would know how to deal with it without getting angry or irritated.

    4. Change yourself

    You don't want to be the same person as you were in this relationship. You will want to change for good and in the next relationship, you will want to give your better version.
    Plan it how you will be for your next relationship. What all changes will you bring that would help you have a proper relationship must also be taken care of.

    5. Think of what all ways you can work it out in the next relationship

    Normally, people after a break-up get into another relationship without even analyzing what went wrong in the previous relationship. This is one big reason why the next relationship will also be a failure.

    Focus on the deal breakers of the past relationship. Think of what works for you and your partner in the relationship and that way, you will know how to manage the next relationship without thinking too much.

    All it requires for people who get into break-up is another partner. But that is wrong. Often getting into a relationship is okay after a break-up, only when you know where all did you go wrong in the past and how can you avoid those in the next.

    Key to having a better relationship is by understanding your previous relationships. That way, you can be certain that if the current relationship doesn't work out, it is because there are new issues here and you got to figure out what they are.

    Every relationship is an experience of learning.

    Utilize the above-mentioned 5 points in reforming yourself and keep in mind the loopholes for the next relationship.

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    Story first published: Friday, April 13, 2018, 18:32 [IST]
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