6 Things To Know If She Didn't Revert Back To Your Text

By Soham Senapati   

In the world of dating, men click with a woman they think is awesome. They exchange numbers. And after a momentary period, say a day or two, ladies stop reverting back and men never again hear from them.

Men have faced it now and then, or even every day.

reasons for not replying to your text

There are plenty of reasons that cook up in the mind but there are certain reasons that fit logically into the picture and we know these are the reasons.
From experience and study, here are the 6 specific reasons why she didn't revert back to your text. Read on.

She Wasn't Sure About Her Interest In You In The First Place:-

Sometimes, women just give their number just because they tend to think that and they will talk. However, later, they feel that you don't interest the anymore. This is one major reason why men don't get replies.

You can't help it. It depends on their mood and the shape of the moon. Women are complicated. Get it.

reasons for not replying to your text

She Doesn't Text Back Because You Couldn't Keep Up The Conversation:-

Guys, be more confident while you text. Show your potential in a good way. Don't be a creep or retard. Don't fail to place a good impression of yourself. Women have sensors to sense your inner confidence. If they see there is no genuine conversation and there are the same boring questions she has been asked the innumerable number of times, then she will stop texting or even won't reply to your "Hi!".

Sending just a "Hi!" means you are trying to initiate a conversation. But think, how many men like you would have sent the same over social media to her. Now that you gave a thought about it, think how many competitors you are putting in front of yourself by just sending her a "Hi".

Why can't you put a statement if you want a reply like, "Hi! It's been a while since I last heard from you. How's everything going on your part?"

The above is just an example that popped right away into my mind. Don't just copy paste this into your text. Think of something positive, assertive, and creates an impact.

You will definitely get a reply.

She Might Be Busy, Real Busy:-

Perhapsm, the woman you sent a text message to is a workaholic. Some women don't reply if they are working. You need to be patient and wait for them to reply back. Women appreciate patience and that, my friend, is your key here.

reasons for not replying to your text

She Was Just Being Polite:-

There are women who are polite and for that reason give you their number. Don't expect them to revert back. They normally don't divulge into such things, unless and until you are upto their expectations.

Meeting a woman somewhere and then having a conversation for a while that they enjoy leads to such a situation. When you ask for her number, she being polite gives it to you to avoid conflicts.

She Won't Revert Back Because Ignorance Is Bliss:-

She doesn't want to talk or reply for which she is ignoring. The reason behind this could be that there are plenty of men who would be calling and texting her. Perhaps, you became one of them.
Don't bother yourself by thinking she is nice and will reply. Understand your cue and walk away.

She Felt You Are Desperate:-

Guys get it straight, she isn't going to reply back if she feels you are desperate. Guys try not to fall into this category. Tell yourself you are not desperate and the message you send to her must not show the same.
These are the certain reasons on why you are not getting her reply. Think over it.

Feel free to spill out your thoughts in the comment section.

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    Story first published: Friday, March 23, 2018, 13:01 [IST]
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