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    Signs That Show You Are Ready For A Relationship

    When a child is born, there is a developmental timeline for him. There is a certain age when he or she takes his or her first steps, a time when he utters the first words and a time when he learns to eat and bathe on his own.

    Going forward in life, there is a certain time when all his milk teeth give way to actual teeth and he grows a beard. On the emotional front, hormones play their role and he feels and behaves in a particular way.

    signs that you are ready for a relationship

    While all of this is natural, not everything in life is so well defined. Getting in a relationship is one of them. There isn’t a particular age when one must get to a relationship or get out of it.

    Similarly, when one gets out of a toxic relationship, there aren’t a particular number of days (or months) that he or she must wait before getting into another relationship. All of these are purely personal and one needs to know when he or she is ready for it.

    Now, this might not always be a child’s play, especially for people with a low emotional quotient. To help such people go on a self-introspection to identify when they are ready for a relationship, here is a list of the vital signs.

    Reading this article will help one identify the same which, in turn, will pave the way for a happier self and a stronger relationship with one’s partner.


    1. You Attract A Like-minded Partner

    They say that love is blind and that it is not defined by any rules and regulations. While this may be true in a few cases, the fact remains that in most cases, the type of love that survives the test of time is the one wherein both the partners come from similar social and economical backgrounds. Thus, if you find yourself being attracted to somebody with a similar mindset as yours, chances are that you are ready for a relationship.


    2. You Don’t Seek A Distraction

    If you want to get to a relationship because you are bored or because you are lonely (or worse, to get over your past relationship) you are definitely not ready for a relationship. The day you feel that you are complete in yourself and being in a relationship only makes you feel better about yourself, well that is the day when you know that you are ready for love.


    3. You Are Not Searching For Him

    Now ‘searching' has many forms. This may range from asking your friends to hook you up with someone to setting up a profile on dating apps and then swapping right and left. The fact is love is something that will happen when it has to and there is practically nothing that you can do to accelerate the process. Hence, maturity is not looking for a relationship and patiently waiting for it to happen to you. You know that you are ready for a relationship when you have that maturity.


    4. You Feel Whole

    You do not have emptiness within you that you expect your partner to fulfill. Remember, true love is all about acceptance. If you are unable to accept yourself wholeheartedly, chances of you doing the same to your partner are very bleak. Hence, only the day when you love yourself for who you are will you be able to love somebody else. Do not even think of getting to a relationship till you fall in love with yourself.


    5. You Are Fearless

    It is a well-accepted fact that as human beings all of us have our own insecurities. While it is okay to have these, you should be open to the idea of taking an emotional risk. Unless and until you have that level of fearlessness, you should not get to a relationship. Hurrying yourself to a relationship will only make things more emotionally taxing for you.

    Another fact to be noted here is that if you push yourself to a relationship without addressing your fears, chances are that the same will haunt you sometime in the near future and that is bound to take a toll on your relationship.


    6. You Don’t Have An Emotional Baggage

    All of us know that memory is something we cannot do much about. Those will be there and it is only time that can fade the same. However, it is up to you to ensure that memories of your past relationship do not hamper the present of your current relationship.

    If you find yourself thinking about your past relationship for a major portion of the day, chances are that your past relationship will dictate your relationship (if you get into one). Get into a relationship if and only if you are able to think beyond your past. A rebound relationship is never a good idea.


    7. You Know Your Turn-on’s

    Contrary to the popular belief, turn-on is more than mere sexual stuff. Knowing what food you like, the kind of movies that you enjoy, the people you like to spend time with or the places you would like to visit and then indulging in the same is the key to a happier you. Only a person who is happy can get to a successful relationship. Remember that if you cannot keep yourself happy, no one else will be able to do it for you.


    8. You Find Yourself Smiling A Lot

    As cliché as it sounds, smiling a lot is one of the first parameters that ascertain that you are ready for a relationship. By smiling a lot, you give out positive vibes and people are attracted to you. By giving out an optimistic outlook, you ensure that the same reaches out to you and these herald the start of a long and happy relationship. A happy person is one who is ready for a relationship and his or her genuine smile is the first physical indication of the same.

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    Story first published: Monday, March 12, 2018, 15:45 [IST]
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