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Most Embarrassing Acts Done By Your Boyfriend

There will be some definite and most embarrassing acts done by your boyfriend in public that you can always remember and laugh about. This article portrays some of the most common embarrassing acts. Sit tight and walk into your memory path and think how it had affected you then and have a laugh about it.

New relationships are mostly based on a front when you and your partner are in your best behaviour. You both look your best and always have your creative foot forward. But that doesn't stop your boyfriend from doing something embarrassing.

The nagging feeling starts at the back every time you remember some of the embarrassing moments of your boyfriend. These embarrassing acts are always remembered no matter how old they might be.

most embarrassing acts

Talking about these embarrassing moments, I remember some of the most common embarrassing acts of my friend's boyfriend. I am certain you will also relate to these. We men have always been a little more open about putting our embarrassment zone out in the public. We do sometimes goof up and embarrass ourselves. We are humans and we make mistakes.

Rather than cribbing about these embarrassing acts of your boyfriend, let's read and laugh it out.

1. Making Out While Parents Walk-in

Yes, you are recollecting past memories. You remember one such scene where you and your boyfriend are being intimate in your boyfriend's place and his parents walk-in. You do remember the embarrassment and fear that crawls within that particular moment.

You have been through it. Now, remember how your boyfriend had to tackle the situation being frightened and ashamed as well. It is okay to be intimate but the thought of parents seeing it is kind of creepy and everyone feels embarrassed.

2. Farting And Burping In A Silent Zone

Do you remember your boyfriend farting in the middle of a serious conversation wherein you and your friends are also there? Although it is a natural act, it does embarrass you in front of your friends. Remember the laugh that came out of everyone there when the act was done?

Burping is another such embarrassment. Try to remember a restaurant scene something like this. You and your boyfriend are in a beautiful restaurant surrounded by a lot of tables occupied. After the food went into your boyfriend's belly, do you remember him burping loudly? It is an involuntary action but it also can be moderated. But the sudden burp that came out and people looked at you both with disgust. That scene will always make you laugh.

3. Acting Stupid In Front Of In-laws

This is one act where boyfriends always goof up something or the other while having a conversation. It is enough pressure to meet your significant other's parents for the first time and embarrassing yourself in front of them just adds to that pressure. Legends are made up of men who have survived meets with in-laws and not embarrassed themselves.

4. Terrible Dance Tales

Girls often tell about their man having poor dancing skills and these skills were shown when a man gets drunk. The dance boyfriends do when their girlfriends want them to is hilarious. My friend once told me how her boyfriend had made her nose bleed by dancing, how he had mistakenly elbowed her nose while dancing.

5. Make A Fool Of Yourself

When boyfriends make a fool out of themselves, girls think that they also made a fool out of them. Acting stupid and asking bizarre questions, making funny faces in public, etc., suggest that you are making a fool of them as well.

These are the 5 most common embarrassing acts done by boyfriends that make girls feel embarrassed and later when they recall those memories, they laugh about it.

If you liked reading the article, feel free to give your feedback below in the comment section.


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