Love And Its 6 Old Fashioned Methods Of Expressing

By Soham Senapati

To those who still look forward and pledge their loyalty to the traditional methods of expressing love, this article is for you.

Love is the synchronisational emotion that breeds in each creature on Earth and we humans tend to cater it the most. Love is an aura that never fails to cease the moment and lets you know about your senses. It activates all of your senses when you see the person you have fallen in love with.

As technology is advancing, ways of lovers connecting to each other is changing, sometimes by a text or by a video call and perhaps at times by a tweet. In the 21st century, where advanced technology is taking lead over the traditional methods, Love still seeks out for the traditional ways of expression.

Traditional Methods Of Expressing Love:


1. Handwritten Love Letters:-

This may seem to be still working in this generation of lovers for the essence of the words written in these letters are filled with pillars of emotion that none can demolish. The texts are an easier way of expressing but it doesn't appeal the way hand written letters do.

Letters started way earlier than technology happened and the charm has always been the same.

People preserve these letters in anyway possible. You might go up to your grandparents and ask if they still have their letters from the days of love. And the answer would be, a delighted Yes!


2. Mixtapes:-

Mixtapes were a gift in the last century for lovers as they would propose by recording all love songs and give it to their love interest.

Nothing says "I Love You" better than a tape filled with classic love songs, describing in various ways how much love the two share. Mixtapes still is a thing for lovers in this generation but it's definitely not like the last century. Thanks to some old- school lovers, the aura of mixtapes is still living fresh and has not perished.


3. Dedicating Songs On The Radio:-

Well, we see this charm till date working as a boon for lovers. Projecting love through wireless was first by radio and is still keeping its touch. I have personally heard a middle-aged man telling how he had dedicated "Can't Help Falling In Love With You by Elvis Presley" to his wife, who was bed-ridden.

Go ahead, dedicate some romantic classics to your loved ones. If not by radio then just sing it to them.


4. Writing Love Songs And Serenading It To The Lover:-

Writing a song and manifesting the amount of feelings one has for the love of their life was old school. It was a classic way of expressing love. This mostly started to be in practice in the country sides, later coming into the limelight in the cities.


5. Embossing Your Love Into Nature:-

While walking in parks or nearby woods, you might have seen huge old trees having names written inside of a love symbol. Lovers in order to mark their love used to emboss names on tree trunks, huge rocks, even paint it on walls, etc. This was a symbol to showcase their love to the world and make it eternal.


6. Locket Your Love:-

Lockets have a way of expressing the hidden feelings. Lockets were usually made and used when two people stayed far from each other. They used to feel connected having a love symbolised locket with a picture and a strand of hair in it hanging onto the neck.

These above-mentioned old fashioned or traditional methods still are prominent today and are used by lovers who prefer being old fashioned. The charm these methods have won't ever be lost.

Give a try to one of these, if you haven't, and let us know in comments what you felt about these methods and which one would you choose out of them for your personal method of manifesting and professing love.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, March 14, 2018, 15:31 [IST]
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