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    Let Go Of These Dating Habits To Keep Up In The World Of Dating

    By Soham

    In the world of dating, there are some undeniable habits we show that not only disrupts our dates but it takes our confidence away.

    These dating habits have been a good choice to apply and often leads to dead end. If you have these habits then your dating scenes might go into vain.

    dating habits

    Dating isn't easy as we think but it is not rocket science either. Dating sums up to be a mixture of attitude, timing, etiquette, and humor.

    It is important for you to know the person and don't just settle for something because you have seen others doing so.

    Think of dating as an experience and you will keep getting better at it. But before you do so, you need to let go of these habits that just bring your dating game down.

    Here are a few notes to-dos, you need to take care of before planning on dating.

    Let Go Of These Dating Habits To Keep Up In The World Of Dating

    1. You are being way too available for your date

    This means you are way too eager to receive a text or a call or video call for that matter.

    These things tend to happen. You meet someone special, go out on a date, and then the next night, you see each other again.

    I agree that showing a little enthusiasm is good, but being 'too' available every day can damage a new relationship.

    You wouldn't want your someone special feeling that you have no life other than revolving around her.

    Desperation is never a good look for dating. Keep it hidden even if you have.

    Let's take another example.

    You have talked online and on the phone for months before having a date with that person. You do not want to move too fast while dating.

    You might have connected well with social media and through phone, and you expect the real-life experience to be exactly the same.

    You know details about each other, but in real-life experience, it will be a new experience.

    Don't rush into talking about feelings you have for each other. For that matter, do not mention all of the plans you made while talking on the phone late at night. It doesn't go well.

    Take it slow and easy and see for yourself the outstanding results.

    2. You are being picky

    Stop assuming yourself to be the actor and actress. You might be very lucky and you end up dating one.

    Coming back to a real-life scenario, we want someone who fits our description the person we are looking for.

    If you are extremely keen on having someone who fits your description, then you got to wait for sometime.

    If it's okay otherwise for you, then stop being picky and stop finding flaws in the person you are dating.

    Don't judge unless you have been with the person for at least four to five times on dates.

    Being picky beforehand is a bad habit and this makes you an outcast in a way.

    So, stop judging and start dating. Figure it out and then if you still don't like, then move ahead for another.

    3. You are playing harder than you should

    It is good to play hard, as it defines the other person's interests in you. But give it a break. Don't overdo it.

    You end up losing that person. It becomes pointless after a certain point of time. You let the person chase you and then you don't give in at all. You eventually let that person give up on you.

    4. You are dwelling in the past

    Dating is a fresh start and if you don't let go of your past, then you are dwelling in the past. You go out on a date and start talking about your ex. If you do this, you know you are done with this date.

    When you are meeting a potential partner, never talk about your past or hold them responsible for it. Try to share your concerns that you have derived from your past relationships. Trust your date while you do it.

    These are the avoidable bad habits that you can let go of from now on and work ahead with your dates giving a better view of what lies ahead.

    Story first published: Monday, April 16, 2018, 18:45 [IST]
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