How To Play “HARD To Get” In Conquering Your Dates

By Soham

Wanting to play hard in order to secure your date? Here are the successful methods in which you can easily get a hold of your date and keep the upper hand in planning dates.

It might be a tricky thing to do. But it is not hard and definitely needs a bit of practice before you get going.

conquering your dates

There are methods in which you can play "hard to get" easily. It is a bit risky but can be practiced easily in order to get a hold of your date.

Playing hard is the way of making the person know that you are worth every penny of the wait.

Here are the ways in which you can play hard and see the way the tables turn in favour of you.

How To Play Hard To Get In Conquering Your Dates

1. Be confident

Confidence is the state where you build the starting playground of playing hard. Look confidently in the eyes of the one pursuing you. It makes you look more appealing and that is the way you start luring your potential date.

2. Don't reply to the text immediately

We are so eager to receive a text that we forget to play hard. Remember, you are worthy of every moment you make the person wait.

If you reply to the texts right next moment, then it shows you have got no life. You might have a happening life; but if you do this, it shows your desperation.

Don't give in so easily.

3. Don't give in to the last-minute date plans.

If for instance, your potential date asks out for the next day date, mention that you have plans or you are busy. Even if you are not, say it. This makes the person wait. Don't show it to the person that you are free. Show you got plans. Make yourself a little more desirable for that person.

Do not cancel any plans if you have already planned it out. This shows the eagerness that you have in going for this date.

4. Give attention that the person needs

Give the potential date the attention he/she needs. But do not give the attention he/she wants. You need to figure out the minimum attention he/she needs so that you give him/her that much.
Keep showing that you care and you keep giving the minimum attention that is required. This way, you do not let go of your date and, at the same time, do not seem desperate.

5. Make the person work for this date and show some effort too

Keep a nice bit of tension, making him/her want you and at the same time, give some effort too. This shows that you care and you want him/her in your life too. Make your crush work a bit for you keeping that tension high, so that he/she knows to put in an effort. Don't forget to give some effort as well, else your crush will be gone if he/she does not find anything in return.

6. Give the person affection but mind your personal space as well

This is the most important part of playing hard. Here, you not only show that you care and give your version of affection but, at the same time, you maintain the personal space that you have been having for years now.

There is a beauty in spending time apart from each other. The tension of being with you grows fondly in him/her. This keeps the adoration alive.

You cannot miss a person who is always there but you definitely can miss someone who is away. You want your crush to miss you real bad, isn't it?

Follow these methods and see your game at playing hard getting stronger day by day and at the same time, you not losing out on your crush.

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    Story first published: Monday, April 16, 2018, 20:30 [IST]
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