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    Conversation Starters For Couples On A Road Trip

    By Soham

    Hello there!

    Running out of topics to talk on and discuss with your BAE while you both are on a road trip? How about I give you some of the topics that I have used earlier and some more which can be quite beneficial for you? Road trips are fun and exuberant. You and I both agree to this.

    Conversation starters for couples on a road trip

    "Through roads, we know the paths to take and the ones to let go.

    Through roads, we heal and love the ones with us and the ones that left us." - A Mixed Nerve

    Road trips are a rejuvenation potion for couples that have been wanting to take a break from their regular life.

    Some of the best conversations a couple has are while they are on a road trip.

    It is also seen that often couples lack, after a point of time, topics to converse on.

    This is normal in every couple's life.

    This article will give you several topics to talk about while you are away with your partner on a road trip.

    Let's go through all of them.

    Conversation Starters For Couples On A Road Trip

    1. What ideas do you suggest for enriching the couple time we spend normally?

    2. Tell me all your fantasies that you haven't ever told me. I would like to know and let's complete your fantasy bucket list. I will surely tell you mine.

    3. If you had to change your name to the name of a place, what place name would it be?

    4. Your one wish that you want to complete in this road trip? I will help you too.

    5. If you have 100 million right now and only three ways to spend it. What would they be?

    6. Are you a mountain person or a beach one?

    7. Do you believe in Karma?

    8. What are your ideas for a classic date?

    9. How much do you know about the history of the place we are going to? Tell me. I am very much interested in knowing the history of that place.

    10. If you could time travel, what would you change in your past?

    11. Tell me the worst advice ever given to you.

    12. If you had to choose a role model from a movie character, who would it be?

    13. What is your favourite TV series and what is the recent TV series that you have liked a lot?

    14. How can the both of us look forward to a positive growth in life?

    15. Are you adventurous? If yes, then what is the last adventurous thing you did? If not, then why do you feel you are not?

    16. What is the one hobby that you'd want to pursue all the time?

    17. Tell me about the most important turning point in your life.

    18. What do you think the country needs the most now?

    19. What are your political views?

    20. Do you believe in marriage?

    21. Who played the biggest part in your childhood?

    22. What about me makes you the happiest when you think of me?

    23. Do you think destiny is inevitable?

    24. How important do you feel it is for individuals to maintain their own identity, leaving apart the relationship tag?

    25. Do you think our relationship is better or it can be the best? If it can be, then what all changes do you think we need to do?

    26. Which job do you think you were born to do?

    27. If there is one thing that you'd want to change in me, what is it?

    28. Do you prefer marriage or live-in?

    29. What makes you happy in daily life?

    30. What food describes your personality the best?

    These top 30 questions are the best conversation starters for a road trip. Either take a print out or a screenshot of this and keep it with you for the coming road trip you are going on with your partner.
    Better not forget to romanticise based on these topics. Try to keep the conversation positive and romantic. At times, make a bit of fun and keep the conversation continued.

    Keep the road trip spirit on!

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    Story first published: Friday, April 20, 2018, 15:45 [IST]
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