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Celebrating Long-distance Valentine's Day: The Modern Way

By Shatavisha

As we correctly know, love is not affected by the effects of distance. For two people who are truly in love with each other, it does not really matter if they are at arm's length or miles apart. Irrespective of the number of kilometers between them, true love always manages to find a way to express itself.

That is the very essence of a long-distance relationship and the means by which people in this type of relationships survive every test of time. Somehow, if you look at them, you will realize that they are making the most of their life as a couple, despite living so far away from each other. This is one quality that never fails to amaze other people.

Being in a long-distance relationship does not mean that one does not feel the urge to do what the other normal couples do. It also does not mean that people in this kind of a relationship do not look forward to celebrating events like the Valentine's Day.

However, since they are not able to celebrate it the way other couples would, they look for new and innovative ways to celebrate the same. This article explores some unique and innovative options that one can explore if he or she is in a long-distance relationship.


1. Send A Handmade Gift

Most people are of the belief that it is expensive gifts that appeal to people. But this is far from being true. Gift your loved one a heartfelt card or anything that you have prepared yourself and you will be amazed to see the look of joy on their face. After all, for your loved one, there is nothing as special as you and anything that you make will be treasured forever.


2. Do Not Discuss Your Friend’s Valentine’s Day Plans

Since the two of you are far away from each other, it is understandable that you will be upset about the same. Bring it up in your conversations for the day, and it will only make matters worse. Hence, make it a point to avoid that. In fact, it is a good practice for you to not even think about all that your friends will be doing that day. Rather, focus on how you are going to make things interesting for the two of you.


3. Mail Him Letters Leading To The Big Day

With all sorts of modern communication like WhatsApp, phone calls and Facebook being the basis of your relationship, what you can do to make your relationship all the way more special is to start writing letters the old school way. You can even try writing a series of letters a couple of weeks beforehand that will ultimately cumulate in a long love letter on Valentine's Day. In case you want to keep things unique, you can even consider starting with a long letter on Valentine's Day and then going ahead with writing smaller letters for the next few weeks.


4. Set A Movie Date

It can be planned out like this. Both of you will watch the same movie at the same time, pausing at the exact same instants. This will feel like you are actually watching the movie together. To make things better, what you can do is, you can arrange the same flavour of popcorn or other food items to munch on while watching the movie.


5. Turn Up The Heat

The distance of a couple of states or continents should not come in the way of you and your partner enjoying a steamy Valentine's Day. Light some candles go for some aroma therapy and make sure that you dress up well. From that point on, do not look back and turn on your Skype and Snapchat. You will be amazed to see the wonders that the dirty talks lead to and how special your Valentine's Day turns out to be.


6. Plan A Gift Swap

Now considering that it is Valentine's Day, it is obvious that you will want to gift each other something special. To make matters interesting, you can set a theme. The theme can range from anything from a nostalgic gift to something that depicts your relationship. But whatever be the theme, make sure that you add your own personal touch to the same.


7. Make Plans Of Meeting Up

It really does not matter if those plans will get executed a month later or that of a year. Thinking about the next time you get to hold each other's hands is the best stress reliever for the both of you and that is why you must make it a point not to miss out on that one.


8. Tell Them That You Love Them

Although both of you know that you are in love with each other, there is no better feeling than waking up to a phone call that says those three magical words. Make sure you do not miss out on that one. That is the best possible way to start your Valentine's Day when the two of you cannot physically be with each other. This will just set the right mood for all other good things to follow in the course of the day.


9. Go On A Book Date

This includes deciding on a book and both of you reading the same book at the same time. This will ensure that the two of you are on the same page, literally and figuratively, and that you are able to spend more time with each other. Trust us, there is nothing more romantic than discussing fictional characters over a cup of hot brewing coffee.


10. Go Meet Him Or Her

If you are up to doing something really special and all the nine tips that were given to you seems too clichéd and mediocre, then the best thing for you to do is to book that flight ticket and turn up unannounced at his or her doorstep. The look of excitement and the joy on the face of your loved one will be worth all the pains that you will have to go through to execute this plan.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 13, 2018, 18:55 [IST]
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