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    Are You The One Who Is More Invested In Your Partner Than He Is

    By Soham

    At times, we cross the thin line of intruding ourselves in our partner's life. We spend more time thinking about our partner and what he would be up to at this particular moment and this way, we just make ourselves more invested in them than they themselves would be.

    What are the signs that suggest the same? Do you know?

    Are You The One Who Is More Invested In Your Partner Than He Is

    In the world of observation, people have observed and have found certain vibrant signs which portray that you are more into your partner's life and I agree with each of these findings. I will shed some more light on these observations here for you.

    Let's see the observations that say you are more invested in your partner.

    Are You The One Who Is More Invested In Your Partner Than He Is

    1. You Are Always Ready With Your Phone

    It's you who keeps texting first. For that matter, it is you who keeps calling. Your partner doesn't text you or call you. It is mostly you who spends time calling and texting. This says you and your partner are not on the mutual path, rather your investment towards him is way more than he is towards you.

    2. You Have No Idea About The Concept Of Spending Time Together

    In a relationship, it is always said that the free proportion of time is mostly spent by the couple. But here, you have no idea when he will show up and when will you both have some couple time of your own.

    If there is a party where you need to go and he is nowhere to be seen with you and you are just waiting for him to turn up, it is likely said that you are more invested in him. There is no mutual investment of time for each other.

    3. He Doesn't Talk Much About Your Personal Issues

    All his questions towards you are general and he hardly ever asks you any personal questions in order to know you deeper. Part of caring about your partner is being interested in their lives and how they're doing, from asking about the little things that would suggest he wants to know you and is being curious about the big things in your life and getting to know you even better.

    If this isn't happening at all, then you need to know for certain that you have been way more involved in him than he is in you.

    4. You Feel He Is Holding Back And Not Sharing

    Sometimes, you feel like he is not telling you things and is holding you back. This means he is not opening up about himself. He is not letting you understand him to the core.

    If he is not letting you into his life, then there are certain secrets or personal things he is willing to hide from you. This is not a good sign when in a relationship, as it suggests that you share everything about yourself and are always crossing the bridge to let him know who you are but he, on the other hand, is just too scared to cross the bridge and let you know about him to the core.
    He is hiding from you and the relationship.

    5. You Feel Insecure

    If your partner is not investing time in you, it makes you feel insecure with a thousand questions on the run inside your mind. You cannot keep calm. Thus, the insecurity takes over and you start worrying about the things that are petty and things that concern him in the most subtle ways.
    You just can't let this insecurity pass.

    6. You Avoid Talking About The Future Now

    It becomes a struggle for you to talk and think about the future, as you know that there is hardly any future, seeing the way the relationship is going. 

    You want to talk about the future but your partner doesn't want to and this creates a big fuss in both of you. Thus, you avoid talking about future.

    These points tell that the partner is not as invested in you as you are in him.

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    Story first published: Friday, April 20, 2018, 20:00 [IST]
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