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    Romantic Situations Every Couple Can Relate To!


    The highest form of pleasure that human beings can experience is romance. The only emotion that offers unlimited joy is love. So, let us talk about love and romance in this post!

    Both love and romance may look simple on the surface but both of them are a result of thousands of complex chemical reactions in the brains and the bodies of two individuals. But the results of those reactions are very mysterious.

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    Romantic Situations Every Couple Can Relate To!

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    Lovemaking is not the only objective of romance. In fact, the romantic situations for couples don't happen only in the bedroom. The romantic situations in real life could occur in surprising ways. Though they look seemingly simple, they have the potential of cementing the bond between two partners permanently.

    If you have started a new relationship recently or if you have married recently, you will be able to relate to certain examples of real life romantic situations. Here are some things couples can relate to.


    During An Ugly Argument...

    In the middle of an argument, both of you become silent and all of a sudden, both of you start giggling. The giggling then turns into laughter and you hug each other tightly. Have you ever experienced this? Well, sometimes, even ugly fights can be patched up or solved within a minute!


    During A Hug...

    All hugs aren't equal. Sometimes, you hug your partner so tightly as if you want to get into his or her body. You both suddenly behave like two magnets that got stuck to each other! Almost every couple experiences intense feelings of love at least once during the span of a relationship.

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    Kiss Vs. Lip-lock

    A simple kiss isn't a lip-lock. A lip-lock is a situation in which your lips lock themselves with your partner's lips. You feel as if they are glued to your partner's lips with a gum! Yes, there are times when you don't want to stop kissing each other. Some couples kiss each other for hours together! Some kisses refuse to end!


    When Your Voice Changes...

    You are busy at work and your partner suddenly calls you. You start the conversation with her but slowly when the topics change, your voice also begins to change! Sensing the change in your voice, your partner's voice also changes. She whispers!

    When her voice changes, the tension in your pants increases and your heart starts racing! Suddenly, you see your boss coming your way in a very bad mood and you suddenly cut the call and become normal! Did it ever happen?


    When You Get Distracted...

    You are upset about something. As soon as you go home, you start trying to discuss about it with your wife. But when you start trying to tell something very seriously, suddenly you get distracted by your wife's beauty and totally forget what to say! Did this happen to you?


    When She Suffers Headache...

    Your wife comes home with a headache. She asks you to massage her head. You start off pressing her head. But slowly.....your hands move around her neck and from there, your fingers gently try to touch the forbidden areas!

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    She suddenly gives you one serious look! You immediately put a cute smiling face and start trying to convince her saying that an orgasm can reduce a headache!


    When You Praise...

    Generally, you are very critical, but you sometimes start praising your wife without any reason. Are you wondering why you sometimes experience an overwhelming desire to praise your wife or even write poetry describing her beauty? Well, it means you were just horny. The pleasure chemicals that are released in your head at that time could make you praise your partner endlessly!


    When She Asks For A Towel...

    Your wife goes for a bath without taking a towel along with her. After her bath, she opens the bathroom door slightly and asks you to pass on the towel. You see that as an opportunity!

    When you offer the towel, your cunningly try to push the door to see her naked beauty but she suddenly closes the door on your face and your finger gets stuck between the wall and the door! Ouch! Did it ever happen to you?


    When She Feels Low

    When you are at work, your wife calls you and says she is feeling low. In order to make her feel good, you advice her to grab a bar of dark chocolate and lick it while thinking about you!

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    When she starts laughing, you try to support your argument by telling her that dark chocolate can release feel-good chemicals in the brain and thereby make you feel good instantly.


    When You Sleep...

    During your sleep, you suddenly wake up to realise that your partner is staring at you without blinking eyes. Did it ever happen to you? Well, these are some of the things every couple can relate to. Married life can be very beautiful when the couple loves each other and takes intimacy to the next level.

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