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Simple Ways To Impress Your Crush & Take It Forward

By Jaishree Premkumar

Teenage years are unquestionably the most beautiful phase of a person's life. There is no emotional baggage of the past, because you are still too young to have any bitter past and also there are no worries about what the future holds for you. What matters is only the "present"!

And this present becomes the dreamiest place on the earth, because this is the place where the serious crush on the opposite sex begins!

How To Approach Your Crush

It's quite natural and impulsive too, when it comes to having a crush on someone you admire. Once your mind accepts that he/she is the one that you have got crush on, that boy/girl becomes the nucleus of your existence.

Your days will be spent in just thinking or admiring about him/her and nights will be flooded with the dreams of being with your crush. Your friends and colleagues might tease you for being forgetful and for being in your own world.

You may tend to get restless and have an urge to express your inner feelings to your beloved crush; however, you may lack the courage to approach him/her. You need to remember to relax. Do not fret!

Just follow these simple ways and one day, your crush might just realize your true feelings and probably end up as your life partner. Here are simple ways to impress your crush and take your interest to the next level.


1. Show Interest In Building Friendship With Him/Her:

The first golden rule to have any long-lasting and successful relationship is, do not show any other intention other than having a genuine friendship.

Put yourself in other person's shoes and you will realize that you will not like anyone suddenly showing interest in you and openly telling you to be his/her love interest. You will outright reject him/her, right?

So, next time you meet your crush, try to approach him/her by thinking of ways that will convince him/her that you are only trying to be his/her true friend.


2. No Texting Or E-mailing During The Initial Phase:

Another important rule is to never use your latest technology to SMS or e-mail your crush in the beginning phase of your "getting to know each other".

Ways To Impress A Crush

This will only give rise to doubts in his/her mind. Your unnecessary and unwanted messages would mistakenly make him/her believe that you are a stalker.

Thus, you will end up ruining your dream chance of being with your dearly loved crush.


3. Gradually Take Your Friendship To The Next Level:

Not so easy, but not so difficult too. Have a lot of patience and never show your restlessness and infatuation for him/her, because he/she will discard you for being obsessed with him/her.

There is absolutely no harm in having a crush and it's the most beautiful feeling one can experience in life. But, there is a difference between having a crush on a boy/girl and getting obsessed with him/her.

When your crush turns to an obsession, it can only lead to damaging your reputation. Try to be his/her true friend and never get jealous even if you find him/her in the company of other boys and girls.

Let him/her be a free bird and when you think that you have gained his/her trust, try to show your love for him/her by gifting him/her something, which you know your crush can definitely not refuse!


4. Time To Use The Gadgets:

Now that you have reached the next level and have gifted your crush something, you can use your texting device and funnily describe how it was difficult and confusing to buy that gift for him/her.

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His/her laughter will be an assured bonus to take the step forward.


5. Time To Be Open About Your Crush:

Once you cross the fourth step, the final step is a way to sure success, but beware! It is also a delicate one. Remember not to show your eagerness to know his/her interest in you.

Your crush's body language and eyes can convey the positive signal, if your approach is carefully designed.

Give him/her time to adjust to the new way of looking at you and when you feel that time is right, express your 'so far well-hidden crush' to him/her, and yes, enjoy your blissful time with him/her!

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