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Why The Guy Who Learns Your Mother-Tongue Looks Way Hotter Than The Rest?

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Are you wondering how language affects relationships? A lot has changed! Today, people are willing to date someone who is from other state, country, culture or region. Bilingual relationships have become common now. Love is above and beyond all regional barriers.

But the first issue that might crop up in such relationships is language. If you don't know his language and if he can't understand your language, it would be tough to get along with each other.

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But what if he learns your language? Well, that would be great right? Now, here is why women perceive such guys as hot.


He's Intelligent

Knowing a new language requires some intelligence. And if your boyfriend has quickly learned your mother tongue, you will surely perceive him as intelligent.


It Shows That He's Willing To Put In Efforts

What's the difference between a guy who expects you to learn his mother tongue and a guy who quickly learns your mother tongue? Well, a guy who is trying to learn your language is obviously more convenient to date. He does all the hard work!

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It Shows He's Willing To Adjust Himself

For long term relationships, a guy who doesn't expect you to change is better. Also, a guy who tries to change himself according to your requirement is surely awesome. That guy who is learning your mother tongue could be in that category.


You Feel Good When He Speaks Your Language

He sounds cute. When he first utters a few random sentences in your mother tongue, you almost feel like kissing him! In fact, overcoming language barriers in a relationship would be effortless if he learns your language.

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It Shows How Much You Mean To Him

Only if you are really important, any guy would take the pains to learn a new language. So, your guy is a good one; he cares a lot for you.


What Surveys Say

A survey claims that women secretly love guys who can pamper them in their mother tongue. When a guy says "I love you" in the native language, the impact is much more. So, when your guy proposes in your language, you will surely feel good.

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You Can Sit Back

A guy who works hard on language will also work hard to keep you and your kids happy in the future. So, this could be one reason why he looks hot.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 9, 2017, 12:10 [IST]
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