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New Year Resolutions Every Couple Should Make In 2020

By Shatavisha Chakravorty

One of the most pure forms of emotions, love is what binds human beings with one another. It is this love that keeps families united. Now, just like every other thing which comes along with its own pack of responsibilities, love also brings along with it a lot of things that must be borne in mind.

When two people are in love and they get into a relationship, each of them cannot just think for himself or herself. They must have some common goals and agendas which will help them to set out in the path of growth and achievement.

Only when they have such well-defined goals can they expect their relationship to stand every test of time. Now, these common goals may be either short term or long term.

Both the type of goals require careful planning and any form of procrastination is not encouraged. The best way to come up with plans like this and make sure that one sticks to them (not just individually but also as a couple) is to make new year resolutions as a couple.

Here is a list of ten must-make New Year resolutions for 2020 that one must make as a couple.


Giving Each Other The Digital Space

In today's world, our mobile phones and e-mails are among the most private things that we possess. It is important that this personal space is not breached and each member does not check the other's texts and messages. Thus, as a good practice, couples must take the resolution of ensuring that they do no indulge in any such activities.


Cooking Together

It really does not matter how well or bad you cook. Cooking together helps couples share each other's burdens, which in turn fosters better understanding of the relationship in itself. Hence, one of the best New Year resolutions that one can take is to cook together. If this is not possible every day; at least for a couple of times in a week, it must be implemented.


Common Financial Investments

When two people come together to become a couple, their money should no longer be theirs alone. Investing a portion of their financial resources together will ensure that they have something to look forward to in the future. This in turn will motivate them to work to the best of their abilities and make the most of the given opportunities.


Having Common Hobbies

It is a well-established fact that a man is defined by the hobbies that he pursues. Thus, one of the best ways to get to know a person is by his hobbies. This New Year, take a resolution to develop a hobby that is same as that of your spouse. You will be amazed to see the impact of this small action on your relationship.


Going To The Gym Together

While many people argue that fitness is a purely personal issue, the fact remains that couples who hit the gym together find motivation from each other, which in turn fosters better bodily results. Since it is at the gym that one is his or her messiest self, seeing one's partner (or allowing one's partner to see them) helps in strengthening the emotional bonds as well.


Spending Time With The Partner’s Family

While socially we say that once two people come together as a couple, the fact is that for each person his family is more important than that of his spouse's. If the couple is able to get rid of this notion, they will come off much closer as a couple. The best way to do so is to spend more time with the other person's family. This new year, let us make a resolution to do so.


Setting A Rule To Eat At Least One Meal Of The Day Together

Couples must make a conscious effort to ensure that they eat at least one meal of the day together. During such times, it must be ensured that the phone is kept far away from the table. This type of a rule will foster communication between the couple, which is an essential thing to a healthy relationship.


Giving Each Other Space

There are times when every individual would want to be alone. At times like this, the spouse must not interfere with the other person's thought process and let him or her be as he or she is. This is not an easy thing to do and hence, making this as a New Year resolution and sticking to it is very important.


Doing Charity Work Together

Doing well to the society always leaves one with a good feeling. This feeling multiplies itself when two people feel it together. By engaging in social activities together as a couple, people will not just give back to the society, but they will do so in a manner such that their relationship is strengthened. Hence, this is one of the best New Year resolutions that any couple can take.

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