How To Romance A Woman

By Shabana Kachhi

Our planet has always witnessed the Battle of the Sexes, and will continue to do so until many generations.

Though there may never be a clear winner, Women will always remain one step ahead of Men.

The world would be incomplete without Women, don't you think? They take on so many different forms every day - a darling daughter, a dotting wife, a dutiful mother and so on....

how to romance a woman

Women bring a kind of sense and stability into a relationship. They are sensitive, caring and intuitive, but also tough and strict. But they sure know how to be a perfect life partner, the one that will stand by you through thick and thin. They will support you when you need it the most; they will encourage you when you are down; and they will guide you when you are lost.

Women have a lot to give to people whom they love. They never think before sacrificing anything for them.

Of course, nothing comes with its set of problems and Women have them too. Women are indecisive and moody. They are always occupied with different things and may struggle to create a balance in their life. But that doesn't make them any less desirable. All these qualities are what make them a real personality.

Men are often confused when it comes to Women. They seem to never understand them. What they need to understand is that Women are very emotional and needy. They constantly need attention. They think from their heart when it comes to the people they love and that is why they do not understand any logic. This makes the Men confused.

When it comes to dating a Woman, Men often are clueless. Men try all sorts of stuff like giving them expensive gifts, taking them out for a dinner at expensive restaurants and such. But women are never attracted to Wealth and are never materialistic. Treat them with Love and respect and they will be yours for life.

Many a times, Men come across a Woman whom they feel attracted to but do not know how to approach them. Men need to remember a few things in order to successfully woo a Woman. Romance is a very important part of impressing a woman and this is where Men often go wrong. But do not worry, we will guide you here.

Here is your complete step-by-step guide on How to Romance a Woman the right way.


Step 1: Get Her Attention:

If you have your eyes set on a woman you like at work, make sure that she notices you. Do something that will catch her attention. This will make her start thinking about you and if your first impression is a good one, then that's half the battle won. Keep bumping into her a few times during the day. Heard of the phrase -Away from eyes, Away from mind...? That applies perfectly here. Make an initial casual conversation at one such bumping. This will make it easier for the next step.


Step 2: Get Her Number:

It might be very easy to get her number from elsewhere; but it is always better to ask her for her number directly. Get a common friend for an official introduction. You can then ask her number.


Step 3: Get Chatting:

Do not start messaging as soon as you get her number, as that will look needy. Instead, wait for at least two days. Start by good morning texts. This texting phase should be used cautiously. Get to know her better, her likes, dislikes and everything else. Make sure to keep the conversations about her rather than you.


Step 4: Ask Her Out:

After a few days of texting, you will have an idea about the kind of person she is. This will make it easier for you to ask her out. Meet her in person and just causally ask her if she has any plans for the weekend and if she would like to go out with you... If she replies to your texts regularly, chances are she will say yes to the date.


Step 5: Plan Your First Date:

And make sure it is perfect. An ideal location for the first date should not be too crowded or secluded. Your first priority is to make her feel comfortable. Only then will she be able to enjoy the date. Also, Women love Men who are chivalrous. Men who open the door for them or try to shield them from strangers will definitely make any Woman go weak in the knees. Drag a chair for her or offer her your jacket when she feels cold. These small gestures will never go unnoticed by her. Do not forget to drop her safely back home and send her a text after the date saying that you really enjoyed the date.


Step 6: Woo Her:

After the first date, she might start feeling something for you. This is the right time to make her feel special. Bombard her with surprises. By surprises, we do not mean costly stuff. Just her favourite bar of chocolate or a Flower will suffice. Get her favourite Pizza delivered at her work place with a note asking her out for once again


Step 7: Compliment Her All The Time:

Complimenting her for her choice of dress or shoes will make her more confident. Make sure not to go crass while complementing, as that might give them a wrong idea and might put them off. Neat complements like - You are the most beautiful Woman in the world - will be enough to make her feel on top of the world.


Step 8: Try To Spend Time Together:

Take a day off from your busy schedule and encourage her to do the same. Spending some quality time together will just deepen her feelings for you. Also, Women love to talk!!! They can talk endlessly on any issue. Listening to your girl attentively will let her think that she is important to you. This will make her feel loved.


Step 9: Make Your Feelings Vocal:

Pick a great location for the date, in which you plan to tell her about your feelings. Just be honest and let her know that you really like her and plan to take things forward. Assure her that you do not need an answer just yet. Although she will already guess the fact that you like her, it is nice to finally get you to admit it.


Step 10: Introduce Her Into Your Friends And Family:

Women are always looking for commitment from their partner. Introducing her to your friends and family will let her know that you are serious about her and are planning a future together. Women crave for certain stability in their life and assuring her a place in your life will only get her closer to you.


Step 11: Tell Her That You Need Her Emotionally:

This means that you should let her know that you are just not attracted to her physically. Never force yourself on her. If she needs time, just give it to her. She will respect you more for it. A kiss on the forehead will let her know that she means a lot more to you even if she refuses for a physical relationship.


Step 12: Give Her Space:

Sometimes, women tend to take things for granted. If she still is not reciprocating your feelings, then give her space. Stop giving her attention for some time. If she complains, chances are she likes you but is just not sure. Giving her some breathing space will definitely make her vale you more.


Step 13: Try To Address Her Inhibitions:

If your girl doesn't want to get serious with you, try to find out the cause or reason of it. Is she insecure regarding something? Is she not comfortable with you? Talk it out with her. She will definitely be relieved after this and might start taking you more seriously.


Step 14: Make Friends With Her Family And Friends:

Some women might hesitate to make the relationship official until they get the approval of their family and friends. Introduce yourself to her family. This will make her more comfortable and she will also be able to trust you more.


Step 15: Let Her Meet Your Exes:

If you are the one to keep a cordial relationship with all your exes, then it might be better to introduce them to her. This may sound bad, but trust me. Once your girl gets to meet them in person, she will stop feeling insecure about your relationship with them.


Step 16: Make Her Feel That She Is Important To You:

Women are often made to feel inferior to men in relationship. This often scares a woman to enter into relationships. Assure her that she will be making her own choices in the relationship. Giving her space will give her the assurance that you place your complete trust upon her. Treat her as an equal in everything that you do. Give her the freedom to choose whatever she wants. If she feels stifled in a relationship, she will never be happy. Last but not the least, keep aside your logic and listen to your heart when it comes to Women. This is a sure-shot way to keep your woman happy.

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    Story first published: Saturday, December 16, 2017, 13:47 [IST]
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