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    10 Naughty Ways To Irritate Your Partner; All Done In Good Spirit

    By Subodini Menon

    If you are in a relationship, what is it that you crave for the most? Is it love, care, security, trust or commitment? Sure, all of the things mentioned play a vital role in the making up of a sturdy and long-lasting relationship. The love, trust and commitment that partners have for each other make for a strong foundation on which a relationship can be built upon. But are you satisfied with just the foundation?

    Love can build a relationship but, many a times, it is seen that without constant excitement and warmth in the relationship, love can wear off. They say, all you need is love. But the truth cannot be farther away from that statement.

    naughty ways to irritate your partner

    For a relationship to grow and sustain itself through the turbulent times and the tough phases of life, both the partners must put in constant effort. Keeping the spark in your relationship is very important.

    Without the spark, your life will turn drab and monotonous. One of the ways to help prevent your life from becoming stagnant and boring is to irritate and annoy your partner.

    Confused? It might sound counter-productive but it is a fact that when the partners are annoyed or irritated, they come closer. This can be due to the fact that this irritation forces the partners to interact.

    It also keeps your spouse or partner on their toes, which in turn helps make sure that the spark and excitement in your relationship always remains alive. Irritating and annoying each other will take the predictability in the relationship away too.

    Today, we bring to you a list of things you can do to annoy or irritate your partner (in a good, fun way). Remember that these tips are not fool-proof. You will have to put in some real effort.

    Feel your partner out. Know what is appropriate to use on your partner before putting the tip to practice. Also, the mood and situation should also be kept in mind. Read on to know more.


    Do Not Listen To Your Partner

    Ignore them when they want to talk to you or ask for attention. This will annoy them greatly and they will crave your attention even more. Alternatively, you can pretend to listen to them by nodding along or humming while being engrossed in your work or anything else that requires your attention.


    Dealing With The Chores

    When you do the chores, just do the bare minimum and make sure that you do not do a very good job at it. Now, act as if you expect a praise and gratitude from your partner for the deed. Act hurt when they refuse to acknowledge your hard work and thoughtfulness.


    Use Your Pets To Annoy Your Partner

    If you have a pet dog or a cat in your house, your partner and you probably have some rules set in place for the pets. Just go exactly opposite to the rules. If your dog is not allowed in to the home, let it in. If it is okay for it to be inside, make sure you do not let it in. Of course, the well-being of the animal must be taken into consideration. If your cat sleeps on your bed, refuse to let it in. If it is not allowed to get into your bed, take it to bed with you.


    Call Your Partner Out When In Company

    There are times when your partner puts forward a very loose or incorrect fact or argument when in conversation with friends or family. Call your partner out on it. If your partner defends themselves, use facts and thought-out points to completely destroy them. Remember, do not use this to insult or hurt your partner in public.


    Use Music To Irritate

    Sleeping, reading and meditating are examples of times when loud music is not appreciated. When your partner is engaged in things where disturbance is not welcome, turn the music real loud. This will annoy them real bad. If asked to turn the music down, tell them that it is your right to play the music whenever you like. Ask them not to act like a grumpy grandparent. Extra points if you specifically choose music that your spouse absolutely hates.



    It's great, if you really snore! If not, pretend to snore when your partner is asleep. Do not do anything to improve your condition. If your partner shows her irritation, look really hurt and tell them that you are asleep and there is nothing you can do about it.


    Mumble Instead Of Answering

    If your partner asks you for something, pretend to speak but make sure that you are not very comprehensible. Mumble at your partner or speak gibberish at the lowest volume possible. If your partner complains that they cannot hear you, tell them that you cannot do much if they are hard of hearing.


    Ask Them For Stuff

    Misplace things that belong to you and ask your partner where they have kept it. Make them search for it and then after they are really annoyed, bring the thing out with flourish. Plus points if you can make it look like it was their mistake that you misplaced it.


    Make Some Tea And Do Not Offer Them Some

    Make some tea for yourself (or any other drink for that matter). Bring it out and drink it in your partner's full view. But make sure not to ask them if they want some too.


    Take Some Food Off Of Their Plate

    Everyone is protective when it comes to their plate of food. Reach over and take some food off of your partner's plate without asking the permission first. Extra points if you choose to do this when your partner is eating the food they love the most.

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    Story first published: Thursday, November 30, 2017, 15:11 [IST]
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