What Is The Right Age To Get Married?

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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Marriage is an institution that requires something more than mutual love. You can fall in love in your teenage years; but to get married, you need a special kind of a mind setup and most importantly, maturity.

There are several studies which have shown that the increased number of divorce rates are seen in couples who got married in their early 20s.

Being in a relationship is not difficult, but taking the responsibility to carry it successfully depends on some formula.

The first formula is to know the best time and age to get married. Basically, there is no right age of getting married.

Age is only a number. It is your mental preparation, maturity and a proper relationship that are essential for tying the knot.

If it is so, is it OK to get married at an early age? Definitely not, because the maturity to share your life with another person can be achieved only at a certain age.

Life is like a staircase. The more you grow older, the more experienced you’ll be. Then, is it right to get married at an older age? No, that is also not true.

So, confusing! Then what is the right age to get married? Have a look.


Marriage at Early 20s

Is it the right age to get married? The duration is from age22-25. Actually, this is the time when you just finish your education and look for job. This is the time to build your career strong. Marriage is a huge responsibility. To carry it on successfully, you should concentrate on your career.


Marriage at Late 20s

This is the best time and age to get married. This is the time when you get your dream person and both of you know how to settle down in your life successfully. Both of you are also physically mature enough. So, get married if you're above 25.


Marriage at 30s

Now, that's tricky. For women, they have certain physical limitations. Though medical science is too much advance now-a-days, still, you must not wait for getting 35 and above. Also, to have fun and make a successful married life, you can get wedded within the age of 35.


Marriage at after 35

People are confused about the question "What is the right age to get married?" Well, marriage is not only for taking responsibilities. It is the beginning of a journey which you both should make with fun. You want to travel, get time for each other which becomes a little difficult as you're under your career pressure. Also conceiving becomes a serious issue now.


Marriage at after 40

Who want to go through the midlife crisis alone? You definitely need someone with whom you can share all your thoughts. But if you want child, you should consult professionals and go through the required process.


Are You Ready to Get Married

This is the most important question. Whatever your age is (obviously, after 20), if you're mentally, physically and financially capable enough and decide to hold your partner's hand throughout the lifetime, then you can get married at any age you want.

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Story first published: Saturday, February 27, 2016, 21:02 [IST]
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