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What A Man Goes Through In Love

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One does not fall in love instantly. Anyone would often think of all the pros and cons before getting committed to the person of their choice.

A man, in particular, would never take quick decisions and he'd like to think of the various stages before falling in love.

In this article, we are here to share about the six stages of falling in love that a man goes through. These are the stages that assure a man that he is ready to fall in love.

For men, love can be something more than just a relationship, as it is the commitment as well that matters.

Unless a man is clear about the idea of love, he'd stay away from making any such commitment to the lady of his life. He'd definitely like to make long-lasting promises which help both of them have a beautiful life ahead.

So, find out more about these interesting stages of falling in love and enjoy reading this article. This article will help you analyse what a man goes through when he falls head over heels in love with a lady.


Stage 1: Appearance

If you're wondering what we are talking about, then it is all about the looks of a person which plays a major role in the relationship. A man needs to truly appreciate the looks of his woman by heart, which would help him move to the next step of falling in love with her.


Stage 2: Being Crazy

Once a man finds interest in a particular lady, there are different thoughts that would come to his mind. It is funny how suddenly he'd start getting flashes about the girl whom he's so attracted to. The happy times that he spends with her will only make him smile more often like a lunatic.


Stage 3: Invests On Time

This is the third step for a man after slowly falling in love with his partner. The more time the couple spends with each other, the more strong the feelings become and this, to some extent, turns into an obsession as well.


Stage 4: Assurance Of The Feelings

By this stage, both the individuals share a comfort level, in which hanging out together becomes a common interest. In this stage, the man becomes impatient, as he tries to understand if the girl feels the same way about him too. He knows he cannot ask her directly, yet he takes effort to make sure she starts liking him.


Stage 5: Reveals The Hidden Feelings

Once a man is assured that the woman also is interested in him, then there is no stopping him to reveal his true hidden feelings. To get a clear idea, the man in a relationship would reveal the deepest hidden feelings for his girl, only for her to realise how madly in love he is with her.


Stage 6: Ready To Take The Plunge

This is the final step in which the man is all set and has a clarity about his emotions. He would have analysed all the good and bad about the relationship and is finally ready to take the plunge into a beautiful everlasting relationship.

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Story first published: Monday, July 11, 2016, 17:48 [IST]
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