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Things You Really Deserve From A Relationship

Expectation in any relationship is something that comes along with the trust and commitment and it does come over a period of time.

But giving up on your expectations and living your life just the way your partner wants will not make you any happier and in turn it will make you into nothing less than a puppet.

In this article, we are here to share some of the things that you really deserve in your relationship. These are the things which each person should realise that they deserve these little things in their life.

Generally, people shy away from commitment due to the fear of not meeting the other person's expectations. But fret not, these are the little expectations that people are supposed to have in any relationship, and we are sure that you cannot deny these, since, on the other end, you would expect the same too!

So, find out about these things that all of us deserve in a relationship.


Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Skin

This is something that you are born with, learn to accept your own skin and do not opt to change yourself, as how your partner would want you to. Learning to accept yourself first before accepting others can make things easy for you.


Making You Feel Wanted

This is something that we all expect in the relationship. We all love the feeling of being wanted. If you are not feeling that in your current relationship, then you must work on it for the better.


Little Deeds Of Chivalry

Small gestures of love and affection are somethings that you deserve in a relationship. If this is missing, the relationship is more like its just over and you're simply holding onto it.


Sharing Weirdness

Some of your habits and quirks might annoy others around you, but your partner should be comfortable with this. If they are not, then just count them in someone else's list!



This is the important base of the relationship. If this is missing, you cannot expect the relationship to last longer.


Personal Space

Respecting and expecting the little bit of personal space is something that we all deserve. We do not have to spend our entire time with our partners. Breathe alone sometimes!


A Passionate Partner

Last but not the least, a relationship without passion and romance just gets manual and boring. If you want the relationship to be healthy, make your life be filled with romance and passion which is a must!

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 14:30 [IST]
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