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Things That'll Make Him Stop Loving You!

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Relationships need to be worked upon by both the partners, it is a joint effort. Taking care of your partner's needs and interests becomes a priority when you get into the relationship.

However, what happens when love suddenly disappears and the problems begin to take an upper hand in your relationship? Can seem scary, right?

Before jumping into any conclusion like your man is cheating on you, or that he is gay, or that he does not find you interesting anymore, you need to analyse the cause of this sudden tiff that is spoiling your happy relationship, dear women.

In this article, we are here to share about the things that'll actually make your man stop loving you. These are the things that we need to understand and analyse before it gets too late in managing the relationship.

So, find out more about these things that can actually make your man stop loving you. Though you might find these reasons and things to be quite normal from your side, you never know what he'd be expecting from you.

So, dear ladies, have a look at these possible reasons and try avoiding them.


When You Treat Him Indifferent

Everybody has a past and one needs to move on. If you have been treating him indifferently, then there are chances that he will hate you for sure. No man would want to be compared to someone else at any given point.


When You Don’t Give Him Enough Time

When you are working really hard, he understands that you are tired and sometimes you just don't have the time. But, there would be certain moments when he'd really need your attention. And at these moments if you do not support or be there for him, then there are chances of trouble arising.


When Intimacy Feels Like A Favour

No man wants to make love as if it were a job. At any given point, he wouldn't want to feel as if you're doing him a favour by letting him sleep with you. So, make sure when you cuddle him, you do it with all your heart.


When You Don’t Support His Ambitions

Every man needs to feel supported and that is human tendency. He needs to know that you have his back, no matter what he chooses in life. If he is not getting that support from your end, then you should decide as to where your relationship is heading towards.


When You Stop Paying Attention To Yourself

When you were trying to look your best in the start of the relationship, it should not take a backseat, as men love it when their lady love dresses up for them. After all, they are proud to be by your side always.


When You Suspect Him For Things He Didn’t Do

There might be times when he has broken your trust. But, doubting him for everything he does becomes wrong, as he is not doing the same thing again and again. This might surely devastate your relationship.


When You Don’t Respect Him

Remember that you always need to treat a man with respect in front of his friends and family. It is just the same way as you'd expect him to treat you. If you ill-treat him in front of his family and friends, there are chances you'll break apart very soon.

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Story first published: Friday, July 29, 2016, 19:48 [IST]
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