Signs You're In Lust Not Love: 8 Noted Hints

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Lust and love have a thin line of difference and many couples often get confused as to what relationship they are in.

Let us advice you now that if you are in a relationship because of the lust factor, there is no way that this connection is going to last a lifetime.

Being in a relationship that is built on love might see a road to success, but not the lust link. In every relationship, there are differences, ups and downs; and couples should know how to deal with their problems, whether together or individually.

If you are in a relationship where there is more physical closeness and less heart-to-heart connection, it is time for you to do something about it.

If you think it is worth changing the feeling and making it matter more for the both of you, try falling in love.

However, if it is simply a phase and an infatuation, there is no harm in having a genuine "friend with benefit" partner.

But, if you are still confused about the thin line of lust and love, here are some of the signs to show that you're in lust and not in love, why don't you take a peek to realisation:


No Room For Intimacy:

When there is no room for intimacy and love, you are surely in a relationship that deals with hardcore sex and nothing else. Intimacy is important when you are in love, it is that kind of element that makes you fall in love in the first place.


There Is No Friendship:

When a couple falls in love, there is a soft note of friendship between you two. However, when this friendship fails to exist, it is nothing but lust that the two of you share.


The Thrill For Fantasy:

Thrill for fantasy is a clear sign that you are in a lustful relationship and actually not in love. When in love, there are a lot more of other things that define the foundation and not just the thrill for fantasy alone.


Focus Is On Being Physical!:

If your focus on each other is only about getting physical and not dealing with the heart, it is a crucial sign that you're in lust and not in love.


More Passion No Stability:

Stability is the key to making a relationship work. If that lacks, there is no relationship to call your own. Passion does exist in relationships too, but when there is only pleasure and no feelings, your relationship is based only in the bed.


There Is Only Time For The Sack:

Does meeting up for dates involve getting under the sheets? Well, if this is the case in your relationship every time, there is no love but pure lust.


When Your Hands Need To Touch:

If your hands and your bodies need to touch constantly to feel your presence, you are in a lust kind of a romance, which is not good.


When The Feeling Is Conditional:

Anyone who's been in love can attest to the fact that love is unconditional. Lust, however, is not. This is one of the major signs to show that you're in lust and not in love.

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