Signs Your Man Is Confused

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Sometimes, it happens. A man gets confused about a woman. This happens when a woman sends mixed signals. If you smile at him and talk to him intimately but turn down his dating offer or a gift, he tends to get confused naturally.

Of course, you might have your own reasons to say no but he would get confused. He might think that you don't like him at all. When a man is confused about you, he may talk closely one moment and suddenly withdraw the next moment.

At times, he comes across as though he is deeply in love with you but the next moment he acts like a stranger. Read more about such signs here...


Sometimes, He Talks To You And But Other Times, He Turns Silent

When a man talks to you like a close friend on some days but tends to stay silent on other days, it is a sign that he is confused about you. Maybe you gave him mixed signals.


Sometimes He Smiles, But Sometimes, He Ignores

He smiles at you whenever he comes across you but sometimes, he tries to ignore you even after seeing you around. This says that he is confused.


He Withdraws

All of a sudden, he seems to be withdrawn totally from his surroundings. This means he is not able to understand what to do with your relationship.


He Tries To Get Close To Others...

If he tries to talk to other women around, it doesn't mean he is cheating. He is just trying gain clarity about you by talking to others.


He Tries To Ask Something And Stops Again...

He approaches you as if he wants to ask you something but finds it difficult to put it in words. Therefore, he says nothing and moves on.


He Constantly Seems To Be Thinking About Something

When alone, he looks as if he is deeply thinking about something and wears a clueless expression on his face.


He Keeps Observing You When You Are Not Aware

While you are busy with your own activities, he keeps observing you as if he is trying to know you better. This is a sign that he isn't clear whether you like him or not.

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