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How To Know If He’s Flirting With You

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Some women fail to even recognize that a man is flirting with them. Some women remain silent though they know that a man is flirting with them. They choose to ignore for many reasons.

How To Know If He’s Flirting With You1

But if you are interested in a guy who is showing interest in you and if you are still waiting for him to flirt with you, then you are really unaware of the fact that he is already flirting with you every moment he's in your company.

Are you surprised? Then here are some examples. Take a look...

How To Know If He’s Flirting With You2

When He Says A Particular Dress Suits You Well...

When a guy casually gives a compliment for a new dress then that's not flirting. But when he looks at your assets and gives the compliment then it means he's flirting. Yes, guys imagine what kind of inner wear you use to make a dress look more appealing! In fact, guys know that your curves look different in different clothes and they know that it could be due to several other measures you take.

How To Know If He’s Flirting With You3

When You Are Gasping For Breath As You're Tired....
When a woman gasps for breath (after running or taking the stairs), it turns men on very quickly as they visualise the tiresome feeling with a 'bedroom act'. So, when you are gasping for breath and a guy says sorry for making you tired then he's flirting.

How To Know If He’s Flirting With You4

When He Praises Your Work Too Much...
When a guy constantly praises your work without even understanding what kind of work you do then he is surely flirting with you. He's actually praising your beauty!!

How To Know If He’s Flirting With You5

When He Says You Have A Big Heart
A big heart means kindness too. But when he gives you a weird look and says that, then he is flirting with you. A big heart means something else for him!

How To Know If He’s Flirting With You6

When A Guy Says You Made Me Sleepless...
When a guy says he is worried about you and uses it as an excuse to say you made him sleepless, then he's flirting with you. A man goes sleepless because of a woman only when his desire for her has reached its peaks.

How To Know If He’s Flirting With You7

When He Says He Enjoyed A Walk With You
When a man walks with you, he is secretly observing you from many different angels. (Of course, a man who is your friend will never dare to do that). But a man who is interested in you, tries to scan you from every angle during a walk with you. So, when he says that he has enjoyed a walk with you, he is flirting with you!

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