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Hey There, Have You Been Friend-Zoned?

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One of the most complicated relationships in this world is between a man and woman. Sometimes, you see a man and woman being thick pals, while most of the time you realise that they're getting romantically inclined towards their best friend as well.

What happens when you are in the latter category? Most of the times, it so happens that when you start falling for your friend, you either need to stop these feelings or get a clear picture of how it would work out, as there are many chances of one losing their friend just because of the romantic feelings.

Here, in this article, we've shared details on some of the signs of you being friend-zoned.

These are the things that most of the boys go through in their growing phase and end up in losing their girl friends or doing something stupid.

Find out more about the signs of being friend-zoned, so that you get an idea of how to handle this awkward situation and still be friends with that special girl whom you have special feelings for.

If things are not working out for you, then it is better you move on and stay away from the girl causing all the confusion in your head.

Read on to know more.


You Hangout At The Eateries Together, Yet It Is Not Like A Date

You guys have been hanging out together off late, yet there is nothing else that is happening apart from this. You can try to take that girl to a place where generally couples dine and dress accordingly. If she finds this funny, then it's time you understand the fact that you both are just good friends and nothing else.


She Consistently Appreciates You As An Awesome Friend

This is one of the ways a woman would draw a line between the emotions you both share. She may be defining this by stressing on the word "friend" constantly, as she does not wish to lose you as a friend due to the feelings that you would be developing for her.


You Drink Together, Yet She Does Not Make A Move

Generally, getting drunk and making out is one of the most common things that a person would experience these days when they have certain emotions for the other person. If the girl is drunk and yet does not take any step in that direction, then it is something a guy needs to understand.


Asks You About Other Women

This can be a little tricky one, but generally it is a way of her stressing on you to hang out with other women more often. Definitely, this is not a good sign if you have a soft corner for her. Hence, it is always better to be clear on the relationship that you both share.


She Talks About Her Hookups

She feels comfortable with you, thus shares almost everything. It can be from the favourite dress that she has brought or to the latest crush she has on a guy, down the street. This is one of the painful times in which a guy is supposed to hold on to his emotions and yet smile.


She Doesn't Respond To Your Feelings

If the girl never responds to you when you inform her of your feelings, it is a sure sign to show that you've been friend-zoned. Girls usually take a lot of time in finally saying a "Yes"; however, if she never gets back to you on this one, it's high time you move on.


No Physical Contact Between You Both

There is no physical contact that you guys share apart from the casual hug you share as friends. Even if you try holding her hand, be prepared as she might give you a reality check and she wouldn't like it a bit.


She Needs Your Advice, Not Love

If she needs advice for everything that she does and not your love, it is again a clear sign that she is no where close to getting you out of the "Friend Zone". These are some of the signs to show that you've been friend-zoned by that special girl in your life.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 13, 2016, 13:05 [IST]
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