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Do Pets Boost Your Sex Appeal?

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We all know that pets boost immunity but a latest study says that pets can also make you look desirable to the opposite sex. Yes, they enhance your sex appeal.

When you have pups or cats at home, you tend to have a caring side in you because you regularly care for the pets just like you would care for a family member. Maybe, this caring nature may make you attractive or desirable to the opposite sex.

Do Pets Boost Immunity- Woman

As a part of this study, researchers studied more than a thousand pet owners before arriving at this conclusion. The participants had both men and women but nearly 60% were women.

Do Pets Boost Immunity- Man

Most of them were dog owners while 40% of them owned cats. As a part of the study, the participants were given questionnaires and the results clearly proved that owning a pet made them more desirable. In fact, some women and men claimed that they tend to get attracted to a pet owner.

Do Pets Boost Immunity- Woman And Pet

In fact, some men who posed with pets in their social profiles or dating profiles got more response from women. The same applies to women too. When they pose with pets they come across as caring women.

Do Pets Boost Immunity- Dog Licking

Any man would love to share his life with a caring woman as he might think that she would take care of his life and his children efficiently. Also, when women see men caring for pets they would perceive that man as a good family man.

Do Pets Boost Immunity- Man With Pet

As women would love to get pampered, maybe men with pets may come across as the right options for them. So this study finally says that pets can enhance your sex appeal. Or in other words, pets may simply make you look desirable for some reason. Now, you have one more reason to adopt a dog or a cat. Yes, pets do boost your health but they may also get you a new partner.

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Story first published: Monday, January 4, 2016, 10:30 [IST]
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