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Is ‘Silent Treatment” In A Relationship Important?

By Debdatta Mazumder

Proper communication is the key of successful relationship. Words are the messenger of your true feelings. Right words at right time can make or break a bond. Whenever you are in love you try to express your feelings through words. Sometimes you approach directly, or you play with words to be creative.

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But making a relationship is easier than carrying on it successfully. You need to put certain efforts. If words are the helpers of your effort, you must also know the importance of silence in a relationship.

Actually, silence has its own language. If both of you are tuning equally on a same string of a guitar, you need no words to express yourself. For example, you are in a trouble. You don’t know how to get over it. A strong hand on your shoulder or a tight hug is enough to show that someone is with you at your misery. Words are only exaggeration at this moment.

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Who important is being silent in relationship? Well, silence can help you to consume the situation and guide you also to respond accordingly. Life is full of surprises. You don’t know what is in the next turn. So, if you are in a beautiful relationship, you must know the pros and cons of it. And there is importance of silence in a relationship. There are some moments where you need to keep mum. Go through the following points to know who important is being silent in relationship-


To Make Your Partner Realize His/her Fault

Who important is being silent in relationship? It is very necessary if your partner is being obstinate. At such point no logic will work on him/her. Be silent totally and give a stern look. Things will definitely change.


To Stop A Violent Quarrel

Arguments are very common in a relationship. But you also need to know where to put full stop. If both of you continue yelling at each other, that won't be very good for your bonding. One has to keep quiet at some point.


To Listen Carefully

If both of you talk continuously, who will listen? You have to listen carefully to your partner. Thus you get to know each other. Do you get the importance of silence in a relationship?


To Understand The Situation

When you're starting a relationship, you have to be communicative as well as silent. Suppose, your dream girl or boy suddenly proposes you. Don't give abrupt answer. Take some time, be silent and think carefully. You can also test his/her patience and eagerness for you by this silent treatment.


To Know Yourself Better

In a relationship, you face new situations every day. These situations also enable you to know yourself better. You can only understand your changes if you keep your mind calm and silent for sometimes. The silence can answer many of your questions that you may have while in a relationship.


Unspoken Words Have More Power

What is importance of silence in a relationship? See, your girlfriend has done a makeover which you don't like. You can convey your dislike through silence. Just a wary smile is enough to make her understand. You don't need to be harsh.

Hopefully you realize the importance of silence in a relationship. Every relationship is different from each other. So, apply these according to the situation. Remember, silence for longer period may indicate the end of a relationship. Communication is the only way to know what is cooking inside your partner.

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