How To Test His Love For You

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So, you are pretty sure that this guy who has met you recently in your workplace or elsewhere is interested in you. But you don't know how to take it forward to the next level and neither is he doing anything to take it forward.

In such a situation, you just need to test him a bit. Well, how to test his love for you? It is very simple. Remember this. True love will never hide for long. Also, your love will always stand the test of time.

Also, remember this: relationships will naturally happen sooner or later when there is enough of compatibility and chemistry between two people. But still sometimes, we tend to feel like pushing things forward just to see whether things work.

If that is the case with you then you can surely do certain things to test his love. If he really has any feelings for you, he will be able to communicate the same and open up. But you must be a bit careful in creating the right effect that will help him open up. Carelessness might even scare him away. Now, read on...

How To Test His Love For You Hugging

How To Test His Love For You

How To Test His Love For You- Touch

See His Reaction When You Touch
When both of you are casually sitting, try to slightly touch him and see what he does. If he moves away to avoid the contact then it means he isn't really interested. But if he comes too close that you start feeling weird then he is a man to keep away. But if he stays there still silently enjoying your touch then he is interested in you!

Bring Up The Subject- Topic

Bring Up The Subject
During a conversation, try to bring up the subject of love or romance and study his expressions. If he tries to divert the topic it clearly means that he doesn't have feelings for you. If he is in love with you, he will surely open up a bit even if he is really a shy man.

 When You Are In A Crowd- Eye Contact

When You Are In A Crowd
When you are amidst a crowd of people and if he is on the other side, observe him carefully. Does he try to look at you? Does he try to maintain eye contact? Generally, men can't keep their eyes off a dream girl even when they are in public. This is the best clue that he is in love with you.

 When You Are In A Crowd- Movie

Talk About The The Latest Movie
When you casually talk about the latest movie in the town or a cricket match that's going on, if he is interested in you, he would quickly talk about going together to watch it. If he doesn't respond to your remarks then he is least interested in going out with you.

 When You Are In A Crowd- Intimacy

Create Intimacy
Frankly speaking, it is very easy to make a man express his love. Just meet him when he is alone and get him into an intimate conversation and that's it. If he is in love with you, he will openly declare it.

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