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Why Flirting Is Good For Relationships

By Mamta Singh

You have just entered your courtship days; and like everyone, wish it culminates into a fruitful, long and a successful relationship.

But more often than not, the stress of this fast paced life and super competitive world gets the better of us, and we end up losing that once wonderful and interesting person into the monotony of everyday chores.

Studies show that individuals known to have flirting tendencies have higher white blood-cell counts, resulting in higher immunity and better health.

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Believe it or not, those fun winks, titling of the head to the sides, and flirty smiles, are just what you need to get out of the rut that your once warm and fun relation has landed into. Read on to know why flirting is healthy in a relationship.

1) Flirting has a feel-good factor attached to it. This helps in releasing truck loads of positive energy that is simultaneously transferred to your significant half. The overall positivity that comes out proves why flirting is good for your relationship.

2) In this fast paced and cut-throat competitive world, coming home at the end of the day to a partner who's fun and flirtatious is all that is needed to throw all the stress out of the window. Gives another reason to believe why flirting is healthy in a relationship.

3) Flirting boosts ones confidence and self-esteem, as it helps them realize that even though long durations of time has passed between two people, they still aren't being taken for granted. Indeed a good reason why flirting is important in your relationship

4) Flirting helps to re-ignite the passions just like they were in the initial days of courtship. This is why flirting is healthy in a relationship, as it brings couples closer and also adds the much required zing to their sex life.

5) An emotional high is reached when relaxed and light-hearted conversations occur. Teasing you partner and being flirtatious will make your nights far more interesting and fun.

6) Long years of being in the same relationship can make the couple be too comfortable and boring. The next time you feel your relationship is all drab and dull, spice things up with some good old flirty comments. Trust us, you will realise why flirting is healthy in a relationship.

7) Another good reason why flirting is good for your relationship is because it definitely makes one feel good and attractive. We just can't deny that we don't like being 'checked out' in just the right ways by a person of the opposite sex. And if that person tends to be the one you cherish, what more can one ask for.

8) Flirting is known to release dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline. These are happy chemicals that help in boosting confidence, and make us appear cheerful and sexy.

Maintaining an exciting, fun and enjoyable relationship after years of togetherness is not an easy job, but just a little effort on your part to keep it young and vibrant, and a little flirty, is all that's needed to keep the spark alive.

Hence, the next time you feel your relationship is going nowhere, just try indulging in some harmless flirting, and then sit back and enjoy as you see the magic in your relationship being rekindled.

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