12 Intimate Things To Do With Your Partner

In a relationship, there should be some form of intimacy to keep the spark alive. Couples who are afraid of getting under the sheets too soon in the relationship can turn to other forms of intimacy. There are a handful of intimate things to do in a relationship with your partner. These sexy things to do in the relationship with the one you love need to be tried out at least once in lifetime.

When you are in love, there are varied things to do to make your partner feel special. These intimate and sexy things to do with your partner can draw a smile on their face making them glide on cloud nine. Things like taking him/her on a date night, walking in the rain, counting the stars together are must dos with your partner.


Today, couples have no time to share these intimate things in a relationship, which is why there is no longevity. If you try these simple, unique and sexy things with your partner in the relationship, you will see how love grows.

12 intimate and sexy things to do with your partner:


Play Together

Never miss an opportunity to play with each other, whenever time permits. This intimate thing to do in the relationship will build on your physical connection. For example, try pillow fights in the bedroom, it never gets old.

Have You Tried Footsie?

This is one of the things to try out with your partner in a relationship. The game of footsie can be played either in public or at home too when you are lying in bed with your lover.

Get Intimate In Public (But be safe)

Getting intimate in public is kind of risky, however, play it safe! This is one of the intimate and sexy things to try out with your partner at least once in a lifetime.

Food & Foreplay

This sexy things to do with your partner when you are making love can draw in a kind of pleasure which is unimaginable.

Help Each Other Shave

Wow! If you try out this intimate thing with your partner, you are playing with your hormones in a spectacular way.

The Sensual Massages

Those sensual massages after a day's work can help you in two ways - to keep you healthy and to increase the moment in the bedroom.

Shop For Lingerie

One of the intimate things to do in a relationship is to go out shopping, specifically for lingerie. Men hesitate to shop, but when it comes to this, he is all game!

Those Long Hot Baths

Long, hot baths with a glass of wine is something intimate and sexy to do with your partner at least once in a week.

Blend With Nature

Take a week off and head to the hills. Camp with him/her, enjoy nature and the love you share in the most intimate and sexy way. You can also hit the beach.

Pen Down Your Thoughts

One of the things to try out in a relationship that is sexy is to let each other know on paper the thoughts in your mind. You can also leave him a romantic note in his pocket for him to read at work.

Watching The Sunset

In each other's arms, watching the sun go down and looking at your partner's face, sealed with a kiss. You need to try this intimate and sexy thing with your partner once in a lifetime.

Just The Touch

Run your fingers through her hair and kiss her on the nape of her neck to bring a shiver down the spine. This intimate thing to do in a relationship can make you feel heavenly.

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