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9 Things Men Look For In A Relationship

Everybody has their own expectation from a relationship. While many people readily accept change in lifestyle and demeanor once in a relationship, expectations tag along as well. Men and women, well, their expectations are starkly varied. Apart from expectations being different in men and women, even amongst men and women, expectations can vary from individual to individual. In this article, our focus is on men- the things men look for in a relationship. We look at some common expectations of men from a relationship. These expectations are common amongst men, with most men looking for these below mentioned traits in women.


There are incalculable number of posts that speak about what women expect in a relationship. Mentioned here though are a few points that will unfailingly get you thinking. Let us look at these 8 things guys look for in girls.

Here are the 8 things men look for in a relationship.


The Truth

Anybody would want the truth. If this is something women expect from men when in a relationship, men expect the same. The truth is perhaps the most important thing guys look for in girls.



Communication gaps can happen many a time in a relationship. Communication gaps are more pronounced when men find it temporarily arduous to strike a balance between work and life. A good conversation after a tiring day, well, that is one of the things men look for in a relationship.


A No To Drama

Men aren't really fond of drama queens. Women sure do love to be pampered, but drama queens, well, definitely something guys don't want in a relationship.


A Good Sense Of Humour

As much as women wish that their men have a good sense of humour, men expect it too. Any guy would want his wife or girlfriend to have a good sense of humour.


To Be Left Alone At Times

Men want their space sometimes, so do women- there's certainly no denying that fact. But when in a relationship, men sometimes wish to be left alone. Things may not be rosy all the time. Being left alone and respecting space will undoubtedly nurture a good and healthy relationship.


Your Innermost Feelings

Sharing your innermost feelings with your man will work to foster a powerful bond that will last as long as it does. If there is one thing a man expects in a relationship, it is that he knows with absolute certainty what your innermost feelings signify.


To Feel Like Your Hero

Although funny, to feel like your hero is one of those things every guy looks for in a relationship. Its not that they want you to look at them as superman or batman or any crime-exterminating hero. Its just that they wish for you to accept them as they are.


A Good Listener

We come to one of the most important things men look for in a woman (possibly send on the list)- to be a good listener. A good listener doesn't merely define a person who listens and says nothing. A good listener is characteristic of a person who understands and acts accordingly.



Coming to speak about what men want in a relationship, romance beats everything. A romantic partner is any man's dream. It helps deepen the connection already shared.

Story first published: Monday, August 4, 2014, 17:47 [IST]
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