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6 Tips To Manage Your Relationship And Studies

Once upon a time, there was this shy, hardworking girl. Her utmost wish was to go to college and conduct research in her studies. But, her family was not well off and she had to save for many years before her dream could be fulfilled.

After she enrolled in college, it was not breathtaking discoveries in science that awaited her, but love.

Love was so strong, it's tide swept her a long way from the shore before she could surface enough, her dreams were waving from the shore.

In this situation what could she do, forsake her love or her dreams?

This might not be too dramatic but the situation is faced by many of us. Some people have forsaken their dreams while others threw away their love.

But, a few have walked that tightrope balancing in between both and ultimately have had both their dreams and their love blossom in the garden of their soul.

Balancing relationships and studies is not a laughing matter. It requires dedication. Both require your time and devotion to grow and bear the fruits you have wanted. And, it can succeed only if you are in a relationship with a person who understands your passion for knowledge and the love for them.

Here are some ideas to manage your relationship and studies together.

Is it worth the trouble?

This is the first question you must answer when balancing relationships and school. It is the real question that needs a truthful answer from your end. Studies are stressful and so are relationships. So, if it is not a serious one, the better option is to flee from the relationship. And if it is a serious one then you need to fight through your wants and needs to conquer both.

You need to work really hard for both to have.

Combined studies

One tip to manage relationship and studies is to spend time in the library with your partner or somewhere you both can give yourself the time you wanted and do your studies too. Yes! A combined study with your partner means you will get your work done while spending some extra time together.

Time management

This is another thing you must learn while managing relationship and studies.

Set time for studies and time for dating. Stick to your schedule. Bring your partner into this arrangement as well. This will help you in settling with both. This not only will satisfy your thirst for being with your love but also will give you time to conquer your dreams. Time management is a necessity in this situation as it is time that can take the moments away from you and also the one to give you an ample amount of time to be with your loved one.

Trust time and do a proper time management and you will be awarded by time in the end.

Exam time

Exam time can be particularly nasty while balancing relationships and school. Both of you need to make extra sacrifices during this time and look forward to the end of exams when you can celebrate.

During this period you can cut short the hours of spending time with each other and concentrate more on your studies. This will guide you to be with each other afterwards as you both would have achieved your targets in studies and now it is the time to achieve the hours of lovemaking with each other. You can conquer your love after the exams. But doing opposite will lead you and your partner to not achieving either.


You need to coach yourself in self-discipline when balancing relationships and school. A relationship can crash down your dreams but if you are disciplined and you know how to control your wants, you are good to go. Daydreams can be quite vicious enemies when you are preparing for your exams.

Self-discipline is very important and without it, you will shatter your dreams and your love. Make your partner be self-disciplined as well.

The little things

When you have learned how to manage a relationship and studies, you realise that it is more important that you spend time together than how you normally used to spend time. Try innovative ideas that will make your relationship reach heights and give the vibe of being happy.

These are the ways in which you can conquer your dreams and can be happy in your relationship. You can enjoy both at the same time only when you walk the path with all of these in your mind. It is difficult but not at all impossible for you to do.

If you are having your exams and you are worried about your relationship then you need to follow these steps and become more successful.

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