Habits That Hurt Your Relationship

By A Mixed Nerve

It is not easy to be in a happy and successful relationship. These successful relationships are about rainbows and butterflies. It takes a lot of effort to make a relationship work. Like they say, it takes two hands to clap to make a sound. Likewise, it takes two individuals to make the relationship a success.

Having a healthy relationship means, you need to fight, need to communicate and also need to show respect to each other. There are certain habits that break the goodwill in the relationship. The only reason why these habits hurt the relationship is that you allow them to. If you want to have a successful relationship and stay happily in love with each other, give each other the space to breathe and live in the relationship.

Habits That Hurt Your Relationship

A good relationship is based on what you both do for it. If you allow some of these habits to take control of your life, you will lose your love forever.

In this article, I will share some of the habits that hurt your relationship in ways you would not have even noticed. It is time for you to take control of your love life and make sure these habits do not ruin the beautiful feeling of love.

Habits That Hurt Your Relationships:


Comparing is a bad habit in itself and when you do it with your partner it simply kills the virtue of your partner. Each one is different and you need to understand it. If you are the one comparing in your relationship then be certain your relationship is falling down the graph of love between you and your partner.

Silent Treatment

After a fight, sort out your issues instead of opting for silent treatment. It is one of the habits that hurt your relationship really bad and you shouldn’t do it. The thing about relationships is being optimistic and when you give silent treatment you are killing the positive vibe of the relationship.

Being Rude

No matter what, do not be rude to your partner. Instead, show them your love, care and respect. Being rude shows an offensive version of your love and you shouldn’t be indulging in such habit.


This is one habit that hurts your relationship. Lying to each other in the relationship will only lead to its downfall. Lying is a way of treating your relationship in an unjust manner. You should be avoiding it in all circumstances.

Finding Faults

Constantly finding faults with your partner can annoy and hurt his/her feelings. Stop this habit, since no one is perfect.


Fighting too much and not fighting at all are both habits that hurt your relationship. Fight to an extent where you can later kiss and make up Spying You do not trust your partner? If you don't, talk it out and work on your trust issues, since spying is one habit that hurts your relationship.


By being honest, you are doing good for yourself and for the person you are in love with. Being honest helps to make your love grow stronger.

Taking For Granted

Taking each other for granted is something that needs to be stopped. Women take their men for granted when it comes to shopping, don't you think so?


Lack of communication is one habit that hurts your relationship. When you do not communicate you are not aware of what is in each other's head. So communicate and stay strong in love.

Being Competitive

In love, there is no competition! You need to stand by each other, encourage each other and help each other grown individually rather than competing with each other.


This is one of the most common habits that hurt your relationship. Being jealous of your partner will not help you learn anything from the relationship.


Lack of intimacy will not bind the two of you together. You need to increase the intimacy level to make your love grow deeper.

Being Dependent

One of the habits that hurt your relationship is by being 'too' dependent on your partner. Learn to be independent and you will surely be stronger to live in this big world.

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