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9 Dangerous Things Women Do That Eventually Lead To A Break-up

Women are unpredictable- something that does not need over-attestation. Many a time, they fail to realize the implications or consequences of their actions , their words and their behaviour. Although such is the case, women are perhaps the most wonderful creatures who are actually keeping this dogged world together. They illuminate the lives of people around them and they'd do anything for the people they love. However, things can get ugly sometimes, especially in a relationship. In this article, we look at dangerous things women do that lead to a break-up.

When in a relationship, more often than not, it becomes hard to realize the gravity of what you sometimes say. While we look at these dangerous things women do in a relationship, these points will help in avoiding a break-up.

So let us look at these things women do in a relationship.

Here are 9 dangerous things women do in a relationship. Read on...


Over Expectation

Women sometimes make the mistake of expecting too much from their man. This can lead to tensions in the relationship and eventually result in a break-up.


Fighting For The Smallest Things

Fights happen. But they shouldn't for the smallest things. Fighting for the smallest things is another prime reason that can lead to a break-up.


Not Giving him Enough Space

Not giving your man space is another reason why relationships can fail because of a woman's actions.



Over-Dependence can be another reason that can eventually lead to a break-up. Women sometimes do not realize this, but the characteristic of over-dependence can be a prime reason for a break-up.


Others Become A Priority

This point does not mean that a man is not a priority anymore. It simply implies that women sometimes take their men for granted and prioritize unimportant things before them.


The Silent Treatment

The silent treatment can be dangerous for a relationship. As a woman, you may think it is necessary. But large periods of silence can spell doom.


Always Finding Faults

Criticism in the constructive way is critical. But finding faults all the time, well, it sure is one of those dangerous things women do that lead to a break-up.


Not Appreciating His Efforts

No relationship will last if either partner does not appreciate each others efforts. Appreciation is a key to a lasting relationship.


Irrational Reasons For Denying of The Act

Unnecessarily denying your man sex can be a deterrent to a healthy relationship. Know that the relationship will definitely not last if you continue denying your man.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 10, 2014, 8:00 [IST]
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