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8 Signs She Is Totally Crazy About You


Are you in that situation wherein you keep asking yourself if she is crazy about you? Is she crazy about you? How would you know? Things are hard to figure out sometimes, especially when it comes to understanding a girl. Some of their moves can literally leave you clueless on what they actually think and feel about you. While trying to answer the question "Is she crazy about me", many a time, guys go with the assumption that, "Yes. She is crazy About Me". But not always is it actually true. If you are crazy about her and assume that she is crazy about you, it might lead you to do uninvited things. Thus, as precarious a topic as it is, it is important to approach this aspect with some degree of caution to avert any sort of mishap.


So still, you must be thinking, Is She crazy about me? Well, These points will help you answer this question for yourself.. By observing these below mentioned signs, you will be able to ascertain if she is really crazy about you.


It Seems Like You Are all Too Important to Her

If she texts you very often and saves no time in replying to your texts, your girlfriend is definitely crazy about you. Apart from texts, the same goes with your phone calls- they are never ignored.


Her friends? Now your friends too.

If she has introduced you to all her friends, then you can be sure she is totally into you. She wouldn't introduce you if it weren't for this reason.


Too close? Maybe she is. Always that one step closer.

This is something you can ask yourself. If she feels free and ends up getting too close without a second thought, your answer to "Is she crazy about me" may well be arrived at.


Your Ex Is A Topic She Often Brings Up

This is a strong indicator of whether or not she is crazy about you. If she is totally into you, your ex is a topic she would often bring up.


She is Always There.

There can be moments in a relationship where you actually realize that your partner will be there for you no matter what. Whatever the time, if she ends up picking up your call, well, you are closer to your answer indeed.


A Smile

Well, this is perhaps the most important aspect. Even though going through a rough phase, if she has a smile for you no matter what, theres no doubt about the fact that she is into you.


Even Small Things About You Are A Big Deal

Let alone your birthdays or your parents' anniversaries, she celebrates even if you have a good day at work.


She Wants Everything To Be Perfect

Even if you are due to meet her at say 1 am in the morning, she will do all it takes to look good for you. Once a plan is made, she'll call up three of four times to make sure you are there.

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