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Types Of Men Women 'Like'

By: Asha Das
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When it comes to the matter of women, do you wonder why guys steal the show? It is an obvious fact that women find some men to be highly attractive. This is attributed to certain qualities that women find in a guy which makes them different from others. There are some men who are capable of making the other folks be in awe by attracting women towards them like a magnet.

Have you ever wondered why it is not so easy to win a woman's heart? The answer is very simple. Women will filter each guy for certain personality trait. This can vary according to age groups and cultural attributes, but the prevailing type always belong to a few categories.

Types Of Men Women 'Like'

Types of men women like:

Mr. Confident: They are the guys who are confident in their opinion and appearance. They can make women feel assured about their future in all the aspects. This type of men can radiate the enthusiasm and ecstasy of love. They will be practical in their outlook and once they fall for a woman, they will be loyal and honest to her.

Mr. Romantic: Romance is the most irresistible trait and this does not come from a single action or just on appearance. The feeling is cultivated through a series of events which will in turn make the woman feel she is loved appreciated and cared. Women always like or rather love this type of men.

Mr. Artist: Women love men who are creative and unique. Talented men can win the heart of women in no time and he can create admiration in her mind. They are smart enough to live for the moment and enjoy each facet of love. An artistic guy can make his woman feel unique by taking inspirations for his creativity from her.

Mr. Witty: Witty men can entertain and can give company to women without leaving them bored. No women want to be tied up with a man who handles relationships with too much of policies and rules. A man with great with and humour will always be liked by women. They can handle any challenging situations in life with a positive attitude. Women are light-hearted enough to fall for a guy with great humour sense.

Mr. Rebel: Women will always fancy those guys who avoid them. They love to debate even for no reason with those who are strong enough to argue up to their point. Dating this type of rough and tough man is something women would like. Your fun can be exploring and revealing his softer side.

These are the most sought-after traits of men. Women will like these type of men, but being yourself will make it more attractive. Keep in mind that impersonation is hard to be fruitful.

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Story first published: Monday, April 15, 2013, 21:07 [IST]
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