Why Men Like Thin Women?

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A man always wishes to get a skinny girl in his arms. The effect of television and size zero of hot actresses have made men fantasise of a thin woman. However, preference of men vary. Many men love to date fat women whereas a majority of men want to have a thin woman in his life. Half of the men dump their girlfriends if she puts on weight. According to a new survey, most of the men do not like to date a fat woman (same goes for women).

A majority of men will openly accept that they like thin women however, there are few men who do not like to disclose this wish! So, why do men like thin women? Find out the amazing facts behind this affection of men towards thin women.

Why Men Like Thin Women?

Why men like thin women?

Thin women are hot!: When you look at the waist to hip ratio index, a thin woman will have the perfect curves to turn you on. The better the ratio is, the more hot and attractive a thin woman looks. Moreover, the image of thin women is with thin and tall models.

Hot women look good in anything: Thin women can look extremely sensual and attractive if she dresses up perfectly. A man likes to date a thin woman if she has larger bosom and a small waistline. The best advantage of thin women is, they can look good in hot pants, skirts, jeans and shirts! If carried with right attitude and confidence, thin women can be the best turn on for men.

Easy to lift: Men find it easy to lift a thin woman. This is one of the primary reasons why men like thin women. When compared to a heavy woman, a thin woman can be easily taken in the arms and lifted too! So, if your woman wants you to lift her up, do not hesitate.

Thin not skinny: There is a thin line of difference between thin and skinny. Thin women look healthy and have perfect curves like models. Skinny women are a big turn off as they do not have little muscle mass also! Skinny women have very less body mass to flaunt their assets like bosom or butt. Men like thin and not skinny women.

Flexible in bed: One of the reasons why men like thin women is, these slim and trim women are easy to handle in bed. Fat women might turn you on with their jelly bellies and huge butt but they are not too flexible. If you want your woman to be experimental and hotter in bed, she gotta be thin!

These are few reasons behind the affection of men towards thin women. Do you agree with it?

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 26, 2012, 14:45 [IST]
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