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Want To Dominate Your Man? Tips To Control Him!

If you want to control your man according to your wishes, then it is one of the most difficult and trickiest job for a woman! For men, it is not that difficult to dominate a woman but it is not the same case on the other side. So, to make the job easier, here are few effective tips which can help you to dominate your man. Read on...

Tips to dominate your man in relationship:

Confidence: If you are confident, you can easily control any guy! It is very crucial to have faith in yourself. This helps you encourage your attitude and make it easy to control your man.

Control: In order to dominate your man, you have to learn how to control him. This can be done by taking him under your control. You have to use your smartness and efficiency to dominate your man in a relationship.

Make him crave: By attracting his attention, you make him run behind you naturally. Dress well and catch his eyes towards you and only you. The more you appear good, the more he will like to come towards you. This way, you can easily dominate your man and gradually control him completely.

Don't bend: If you bend down especially during an argument, then you can never attain a chance to dominate him easily. You have to be strong with what you think, what you want and what you expect from your man in a relationship.

Make him do something for you: By dominating directly, you lose a chance to control him for a longer time. Therefore, emotionally attract him at times and make him do something for you, something you like or desire.

Try these tips to dominate you man and keep him under control. Dominating directly won't help as men have their ego which won't let them get dominated. Moreover, for a healthy relationship, it is only good to dominate your man when required.

Story first published: Monday, January 16, 2012, 17:11 [IST]