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Fixing Relationships Is Not Always Possible!

By Nandhini Devi

Most of us enter a relationship thinking that every thing will be perfect. Overtime we face many situations that test our patience. But some where we feel that we can fix many relationships. But is it really possible to solve all relationship issues.

The answer is no. Sometimes fixing relationships is not all that easy. The key to this is that you might end up messing a relationship, rather that fixing a relationship. One way to solving problems in a relationship is to ignore it or accept it.

Have a look at these fixing relationship tips, which will help you check yourself;

The Secrets: Secrets in relationships? Sounds interesting. But how do you know that there is one. Some careless gesture, SMS or even a mailer. However, you desire to know everything behind the secret. Sometimes it might some thing very normal, while sometimes it can be something suspicious. Whatever is the case, its obvious of that you think in a negative manner. Pressurizing your partner to give out the secret will only lead to more secrets. Leave it as it is and wait, as most secrets get reveled over time. If you feel that your trust has been broken in the process of keeping away a secret, then you got to think differently.

The Friends: Friends, specially long time pals from college or school, can practically get on your nerves. Anecdotes from college life (which you have already heard a million times), struggles when they did not have money, and a lot more can be interesting only for the first or second time. What else can be more annoying, than when the close buddy, assumes that you too are his long-life pal and simply barges into your room or kitchen? Well, the only thing that you can do to prevent this is, stay quite and bear it. Nagging about it can simply

The Family: The next category of annoying people who can make life difficult for you. You love your girl or guy a lot, but can you love their families the same way. The comments, hapless joking, innumerable questions about your private life, yes and more. Wish you could just delete these characters from your private life. But it's just not possible. You have to live your life with these characters, just hoping that they won't intrude so often in your life.

The Food: Have you ever painstakingly prepared a tasty breakfast, and heard your hubby grumbling something about not being hungry. Or worse, you have just decided to take a break from cooking, and you find him stomping around the house, trying to find something to eat, as if he has not had food for days. Well, this is one thing that cannot be fixed. Tastes, unexpected hunger pangs, these things are just irreparable.

These are only a few things that cannot be fixed in a relationship. However, you might come across many more relationship issues, that you'll have to learn to solve, by just adjusting to it.

Story first published: Thursday, July 28, 2011, 15:25 [IST]
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