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Are You Still A Single?

What keeps you a single till now? It this question always on your mind? The reason can be many such as your attitude, thoughts, fear and expectations which always stop you from getting committed. So, what do you need to change in yourself if you want to get the right man who might be just beside you and you are unaware of it! Lets have a look at the reasons behind being single.

Nature: Have a deep look at your nature. Is it appropriate to get committed? May be you don't feel comfortable with a company or too reserved to get along with anyone easily. If you are too rigid then it can be a reason behind being a single! Even a bad and dominant attitude might have been the reason behind a past break up which has made you know your flaws.

Past experience: Many people put a stop to their love and lose interest in it due to an unsuccessful past relationship which makes them opt for staying single.

Fear: Generally women are scared of commitment as they have a fear deep inside them on their selection. Thinking about future, having the right or wrong guy, over-protective towards herself can be reasons behind being single.

Choosy: If you are too choosy and going blindly after your dream partner, then you are still a single! It is not possible to fulfill all the dreams especially in choosing partners. Don't be choosy if you are still a single and want to get committed.

Analyze: Too much of analyzing will always stop you from getting committed and choosing the right guy. If you analyze without experiencing the gist of the relationship, you may end up staying single!

Future: Thinking about future has been a common reason behind being single. Don't forget, you have to live the present and if the destiny supports and the love is true, you will definitely have a future ahead. Remember, nothing comes permanent!

These are the common reasons behind being single. Try to think positive and treasure the right person in your life whenever you come across him/her.

Story first published: Monday, September 19, 2011, 17:12 [IST]