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7 Ways You Can Fix The Things After You Have Hurt Your Partner’s Sentiments

All of us make mistakes and that's normal. But what makes it worse is when you hurt your partner's feelings. In a relationship, it is obvious for couples to have some conflict and disagreement. Perhaps, that's why there can be times when you may hurt your partner's feelings unknowingly. Such as you cracked a joke or said something out of frustration that seemed quite unpleasant to your significant other. Or you might have done something that broke your partner's heart.

Once you find out that your partner is extremely hurt, he/she may seem to be emotionally unavailable. So if you are looking forward to making your partner feel better and accept your fault, then you can go through the article to read some useful tips for the same.

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1. Take Ownership Of Your Mistakes

This is the foremost thing that you need to do in order to win back the trust of your partner and fix the things. If you did or said something that hurt your partner emotionally or mentally, then there is no wrong in accepting your mistakes. Apologising for your mistakes before things get out of hand can actually save your relationship from hitting the dead end. After all, a stitch in time saves nine!


2. Give Some Space To Your Partner

Since you have hurt your partner and therefore, giving some space to him/her after you have apologised is extremely important. If you think that the resentment and bitter feelings will go away overnight then you are probably wrong. You need to understand that your partner just had a heartbreak because of you and therefore, he/she may need some time to heal. Giving some space to your partner will help him/her in forgetting the bitterness.


3. But Don’t Leave Him/Her Alone

Giving personal space to your partner doesn't mean that you have to leave your partner on their own. At least don't leave your partner alone just because he/she asked for it. Instead, let your partner know that you are still with him/her no matter what. It is true that your partner may ask you to leave him/her own. But doing so can worsen the situation as your partner may think that you are not bothered.


4. Listen To What Your Partner Wants

After you have apologised for your mistakes, words or actions, now it's time to listen to what your partner says. You can't impose your wishes, thoughts and opinions on your partner. You can, however, ask your partner what he/she wants. For example, if he/she wants you to stop doing what hurts them or if your partner doesn't want to be in the relationship. Listening to him/her can help you in knowing how to take the things forward and in what ways you can avoid any further conflict in your relationship.


5. Be Affectionate And Available For Your Partner

This is the time when your partner may look for affection from you. Giving more and more affection to your partner will eventually, help your partner in getting over the bitterness and grudges. Try to spend time with your partner by being available for him/her. For this, you don't have to be physically present, in fact, you can be emotionally present for him/her. You can send texts to your partner stating how deeply you love him/her. You can also make him/her smile by sending some funny jokes and romantic messages.


6. Bring Positive Changes, If Needed

If your partner was hurt because of your words or action, then it's high time you bring a positive change. Maybe you could stop making jokes about your partner's flaws and insecurities or you can extend your helping hand in the household chores (if it's your partner who does all the work). Try to be a nice person who is ready to bring a positive and healthy change.


7. Avoid Taking Things Too Fast

Since your partner has just went through a gloomy time, it is no wise in taking things too fast. Try to take things in a slow manner. You don't have to act as if everything is normal. Instead, try to be a bit patient. Understand that your partner may need some time to move on from the gloominess and therefore, taking things too fast or acting as if nothing had happened can make your partner feel uncomfortable. Rather than planning date nights and hang out with friends, you can think of sitting together and having an effective conversation.

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