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Beware Of These 11 Signs That Tell Your Partner May Be Cheating On You

Cheating in a relationship can be the most heartbreaking thing for anyone. After all, who would like to be cheated on by someone they are putting their trust in? You may not know but your partner may be cheating on you for someone he/she thinks to be better than you. Sometimes your partner's romantic affair with someone other than you can be quite subtle to come into the light. Still, there are some signs that can help you in finding out if your partner is cheating on you. Rather than being blindsided even when you come to know that he or she is cheating, you can take a stand and save yourself from facing a miserable situation.

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1. You Find A Sudden Change In Their Appearance

Does your partner pay more attention to his/her appearance for no reason? Do you find him/her exercising all of a sudden? The reason could be that he wants to impress you. But if you do not find him/her seeking your approval and being least interested in impressing you, then it can be a sign that your partner is doing all these for someone else. Your partner may be spending more money than usual on their clothing, grooming and much more then you need to be cautious.


2. Your Partner Is Often Unreachable

It can be possible that your partner is into a job that doesn't allow him/her to connect with you during the working hours. But if you find your partner being unreachable even when he/she used to call or text you, then things can be fishy. He/she can remain unreachable for long hours and would give you some vague reason for being unreachable. Your calls and messages may go ignored for long hours regularly.


3. Your Physical And Emotional Intimacy Is No Longer The Same

There can be times when you may experience a dry spell in your relationship but that doesn't mean your partner won't show any interest in you. If you find that your partner has decreased libido without any relevant reason, then it means there is something wrong. Not only this but your partner may have an increased libido as well, that too right after coming back home. This could be because your partner doesn't want you to fall for someone else like he/she did.


4. You Find A Change In His/Her Behaviour

One of the obvious signs that your partner is cheating on you is he/she may behave in a different way. Your partner may get hostile towards your relationship and would tag the relationship as one of their mistakes. In addition to this, you may find him/her getting suddenly angry and frustrated for no reason. Your partner may project his/her insecurities on you and would blame you for every problem.


5. Your Partner Doesn’t Want You To Go Through His/Her Phone

If you find your partner has changed his/her phone habits then it can be because your partner is seeing someone else. Your partner may try to snatch his/her phone or laptop, the moment you try to get access to it. You may find your partner using the phone and laptop in a secret manner. Also, he/she may have set a strong password on their phone to stop you from going through it.


6. Your Partner No More Shares His/Her Whereabouts

Couples often keep each other updated on their whereabouts. But if your partner is cheating on you, chances are that he/she may not share their whereabouts. Your partner won't let you know where he/she is heading to after the work or if he/she will be late. You may receive no or vague answers upon asking the reason. You may notice that your partner now has more meetings to attend.


7. You Find Your Mutual Friends’ Behaviour A Bit Weird

People often share their romantic affairs with their close friends. They may not try to hide their new romantic affair from their friends. If you feel that your partner is cheating on you, then you can confront his/her friends. All you would need to do is pay attention to whether your mutual friends are behaving weird and trying to avoid any eye contact with you. They may get nervous and anxious as soon as you start expressing your doubts about your partner.


8. You More Often Receive Gifts From Your Partner

Couples often try to make each other by surprising each other with lovely gifts. But do you know your partner may bring you gifts to cover up his/her romantic affair with someone else too? We are not saying that you need to doubt your partner whenever he/she brings a present to you. But if your partner never used to give you any present and has suddenly started presenting your gifts without any reason, then it could be a sign of infidelity.


9. Your Partner Often Criticises You

One of the signs that your partner is pulling away is he/she will start criticising you for almost everything. You will suddenly find your partner being extremely critical towards you. This happens because your partner may try to justify their inner self with an explanation that you made them cheat on you. Your partner may tell you that you no more look as beautiful as you used to be or you never dress up like other women.


10. Your Partner Suddenly Gets Defensive

The moment you ask questions like why he/she was late, why you guys no more spend time together or if he/she finds someone better then you may find your partner getting defensive. Your partner may blame you for no more trusting him/her. Moreover, instead of answers, you may receive questions like, ‘why did you ask', ‘what do you have to do', ‘why should I tell you my whereabouts', etc. Your partner may be doing this to just get away from you.


11. You No More Spend Time Together

This is another obvious sign that your partner is cheating on you. You may not be spending time as before. Your partner may come up with some brilliant excuses to avoid spending time with you. Such as your partner may throw excuse to pretend to have a headache or an important meeting, only to avoid going out with you. This could be because your partner is already having a good time with someone else.

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We are not asking you to doubt your partner all the time but if you find most of the above-mentioned points happening, then you need to stay cautious. Try to figure out the reason behind it and then you can take action accordingly.