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8 Tell-Tale Signs Your Partner Is About To Ghost On You

We have no ounce doubt that ghosting is really disheartening. After all, your potential partner all of a sudden seems to have disappeared in the thin air. This is because you no more receive calls or messages from the one you thought to be your potential partner. He or she may not respond to your calls and messages, forget about meeting in person. The person does not even think of giving a reason behind dumping you all of a sudden. You may never know if your partner is looking forward to ghosts. But there are some signs that tells if your partner is thinking to ghost on you. If you are wondering what those signs are, then go through the below-mentioned signs.

Is Ghosting The Best Way To End A Relationship?

1. Your Partner Often Sends You Late Replies

The beginning of any relationship witnesses couples sending replies to each other without any delays. There can be times when you and your partner may not be able to send quick replies due to some reasons. But if your partner has taken forever to reply to your messages without any valid reasons, then this could be a sign that he or she is about to ghost you. People may get busy at times but not taking out time to reply to your significant other, even after you become free is not a good sign.


2. Your Partner Often Forgets That You Called Or Texted

Whenever you ask him/her the reason for replying to you or calling back, you may get to hear that he/she forgot to do so. Your partner may tell you that he or she was extremely busy with something important and therefore, couldn't remember to call you. Well, for a time or two, it can be justified but if this continues to happen again and again, then it can be a sign that he or she is about to ghost you.


3. Your Partner No More Seems Interested In Spending Time With You

Whenever you are with your partner, he or she may seem to be disinterested in being with you. You may find him/her trying hard to escape from the moment. For this, your partner may give you some vague reason for getting an urgent call or having an important meeting arranged at the workplace. Moreover, you may find him/her being distant to you without any reason.


4. Your Mutual Friends Behave Awkward When You Bring Up Him/Her

If you are wondering whether your partner is about to ghost you, then you can pay attention to the behaviour of your mutual friends into account. Check if they are trying to save your partner by giving similar vague reasons for not showing up. Or they may pass similar excuses as your partner


5. You Receive One Word Texts From Him/Her

Your partner may try slow fading before actually ghosting upon you. For this, he/she may stop responding to your text properly. You may receive one-word texts or just one emoji for whatever you say or ask. This may be a sign that your partner is no more interested in talking to you.


6. Your Partner Hardly Takes Interest When You Talk About The Future

Someone who is looking forward to ghost on you will try his/her best to ignore the future plans in the relationship. The moment you start discussing some of your future plans in which both of you are together, you may find him/her taking the least interest. Also, your partner may not respond to whatever you say regarding future plans.


7. Your Partner Cancels Most Of The Plans And Never Re-Schedules Them

Whenever you make any plans to hang out with your partner such as going for a movie, dinner date or sightseeing, he/she may cancel the plans at the last minute. Your partner may turn out to be flaky by not showing up at the place you asked him/her to be. But this doesn't end here. You will never find your partner re-scheduling the plans to hang out with you.


8. You Often Receive Silent Treatment From Him/Her

Doesn't matter if it is on social media, among friends or in a private chat, your partner may give you the silent treatment. He/she may not like the post on social media you tagged him or her in. Even when you ask him/her to support you among the friends, all that you receive is ignorance and cold shoulder. Also, you may find your partner trying his/her best to stay away from you, especially when at public places.

We are not saying that you should doubt your partner all the time. But if you notice the above-mentioned signs, then it is better to stay cautious. This will save you from heartbreak to some extent.

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