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8 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Understand You, Even If He/She Loves You

What would go on in your mind if someone asks you anything about a relationship strong? You might end up saying love and trust, but trust us, this is not always enough. There are many other factors as well that strengthen a relationship. For example, communication and compatibility are two important factors that could affect a relationship to some great extent. However, there could be times when you might not understand each other in a better way.

This might lead to unnecessary arguments. You might feel that your partner no longer understands your emotions and feelings. Apart from arguments and disagreements, there could be many more signs that could tell your partner doesn't understand you. To know what those signs are, scroll down the article to read more.

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1. Your Partner Doesn’t Listen To You

In order to understand someone, you need to listen to that person. Unless you don't listen to his/her problems, thoughts, opinions, etc. you might not be able to understand that person. If this is what your partner does, then no matter how deeply your partner loves you, he/she might not be able to understand you. You might find your partner always interrupting you while you are speaking. Or he/she might stay busy with his/her phone while you are talking. Even if you ask your partner to pay attention to what you are saying, he/she might not be able to do so.


2. Your Partner Never Tries To Connect To You

In a happy and healthy relationship, it is important that you are emotionally and physically connected to each other. This is important as it helps you in getting along with each other. If you find your partner often distancing himself/herself from you and trying to ignore your problems, then this could be a sign that your partner doesn't understand you. Even if he/she might love you dearly, you might sense it that he/she doesn't understand you.


3. Your Partner Often Criticises Your Choices

Different people have different choices and no two people could have similar choices. There could be times when your partner might criticise your choices. He/she might tell you to change your taste in food, clothes, sports, entertainment, etc. Not only this, but your partner might often impose his/her choices on you. Your partner would never try to understand the reason behind your choices. In fact, he/she might expect you to prefer only those things which he/she does.


4. Your Partner Never Allows You To Be Yourself

This is another telltale sign that your partner doesn't understand you. He/she would never let you be yourself. Instead, he/she might ask you to change yourself according to his/her choices. In fact, you might have to behave in a way that would help you in impressing your partner. For example, you might have to dress up in a way that your partner finds to be good, even if you are not at all comfortable. Also, your partner might ask you to be like someone he/she admires.


5. Your Partner Becomes Furious Over The Differences

It is obvious that you and your partner would have several differences and disagreements. This is because both of you differ with each other in many ways. You might not have similar choices and perspectives and therefore, there could be times when you might go through some differences in the relationship. But what is important is how beautifully you are able to resolve those differences with each other. In case, your partner often gets furious over those differences and never tries to resolve them, then this indeed is a sign that he/she doesn't understand you at all.


6. Your Partner Doesn’t Acknowledge Your Emotions

There could be times when your partner might not acknowledge your emotions. Even if your partner hurt your sentiments through his/her words and actions, he/she might not notice it. Your partner might behave as if nothing has happened and everything is normal. There could be times when your partner might hurt you unintentionally. In that case, it is important that he/she admits their mistakes and seeks forgiveness. But not admitting that his/her actions hurt you shows that your partner doesn't understand you and your emotions.


7. Your Partner Often Lets You Down In Public

What could be worse than being let down by your partner while both of you are with your friends or at some public place? You might find your partner losing his/her cool in public when things go wrong. He/she might blast at you and criticise your habits and other things. Your partner might blame you for things that don't go well. He/she might complain about how irresponsible and careless you are.


8. Your Partner Doesn’t Accept Other’s Perspective

If your partner never understands your perspectives on basically anything and everything, and always tries to prove himself/herself right, then this clearly shows that he/she doesn't understand you. No matter how many times your partner says ‘I love you' and how beautifully he/she takes care of you, if your partner is always reluctant to accept your perspective, then this could be a red flag for you and you must think twice about taking your relationship forward. This is because, in order to make a relationship last long, it is important that you accept each other's perspectives.

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A relationship isn't only about love and care. It is also about mutual understanding, respect, compatibility and space. In case, any of these factors are absent from your relationship, things might become rough over a period of time.

Story first published: Friday, June 19, 2020, 13:20 [IST]