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Telltale Signs That Financial Problems Can Lead To Severe Issues In Your Relationship

Money is not life and yet it is seen that financial strain can impact our lives in a numerous manner. Being a victim of financial strain, we can experience subtle changes at the way we look at our job and at other expenses in our daily lives. Our social life, self-confidence and our love life can also fall prey to the consequences of having financial issues. The moment financial issues raise its head, romance takes a back seat in relationships.

The love life of couples can change from smooth to coarse and their daily life can be affected badly due to this. The recent study from The Ascent, a website that provides financial advice to people has revealed some signs when your financial issues can come in the way of your love life. [1] Let's read about those signs:

How Money Affects Your Relationship

1. Money Is The Reason Behind Your Stress

Whether you have started dating or you have been in a long term relationship, money-related issues can crop up at times and one has to deal with it in a sensitive manner. It can be either a unifier or divider.

According to The Ascent, money is one of the most common reasons behind the increasing tension among couples. The same website also reveals, '97% of people who owe money, believe they will be happier if they didn't owe money to someone.' Couples who are in debt, feel it as a burden and wish to end the debt as soon as possible to live their life to its fullest. [1]

Worrying about financial issues can disrupt mental peace between you and your partner. It can't be denied that financial worries and stress go hand-in-hand. The consequences can be frequent fights and arguments in your relationship.

2. You Might Think Twice Before Spending Money

Who doesn't like to be pleasantly surprised by their partner? Couples generally like being generous to each other, while they hang out. For example, you can pay for the dress of your partner even when he/she don't do the same.

Sometimes you and your partner might also make financial sacrifices for the sake of each other's happiness, but when both of you go through financial problems, being generous will certainly become a problem. The above-mentioned study also revealed that couples who have financial issues, stop becoming generous to their partners.

3. Financial Infidelity

According to the Financial Infidelity Survey carried by The Ascent, financial dishonesty is one of the biggest problems that couples face when compared to the partner's religion, caste, family, etc. For couples, financial honesty determines the level of trust they can achieve in their relationships. [1]

The same survey revealed that 70% of the participants feel comfortable to discuss money with their partner. This means the remaining 30% of the respondents feel uncomfortable to talk about money.[1]

If you consider yourself among these 30%, you need to do a good amount of work on your relationship. Doesn't matter if you have a separate account or accounts for maintaining money, not discussing the borrowing and spending of money can make your relationship weak.

If you are not financially honest with your partner, you might lose your partner, when he/she finds out the truth.

4. Not Being Financially Independent

The Ascent revealed that 70% of respondents in the survey wanted to be more financially independent. Out of all, 82% of the respondents admitted being in the relationship has stopped them from buying or getting what they wanted at a certain point of time in their lives. They had heated arguments and bitter fights regarding their desired purchases. [1]

If you think you are also going through the same, it is high time to sit and talk about the issue with your partner.

Questions You Can Ask Your Partner To Know If Your Relationship Is The One You Wanted To Have

In a relationship, it is important how beautifully partners avoid misunderstanding and make it stronger despite going through tough situations.

But, by accepting each other's differences and at times making compromises for each other, both can counter financial issues in relationships.

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