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Ways To Be More Intimate With Your Partner Today, Without Making Love. 

By Soham Senapati

It is no myth that relationship requires intimacy. Every relationship comes with a phase where intimacy decreases and what happens to the relationship next; it throws itself from the paradise of Love and hits rock bottom.

Intimacy is not entirely physical; it is the way of connecting with another soul so deeply that you feel like you can see into their soul like it is your own. Being honest is also a part of intimacy.

There is no physical intimacy if you don't have psychological intimacy first.

I quote Richard Bach, "The opposite of loneliness, it's not togetherness. It is intimacy."

How To Be Intimate With Your Partner:

#1. Express Gratitude:-

Tell your partner about how happy you are to have a partner like him/her. Express gratitude for even the smallest of work your partner did that day and how it made a difference in both your lives. For example, thank your partner for cleaning the wardrobe you had been planning on cleaning, for getting the grocery, even ironing clothes, etc.

#2. Be Honest:-

Your partner deserves your honesty and its the best way to keep your intimacy intact.

Intimacy can never be increased where dishonesty has a place to reside. Honesty can be a complement to your partner in the long run. Honesty gives a great deal of comfort in daily life

#3. Reveal Secrets:-

"The first great real intimacy between two people begins when secrets are told", Jonathan Carroll told. Telling each other about the secrets you have hidden from the world, binds you two with qualitative trust and this forms a beautiful and intimate connection.

#3. Exercise Together:-

Yes, you read it right! Exercise together, if not daily, and make sure it is done as many times as you can. When you sweat together away from bed, it is exercise that keeps your intimate relationship at par. A study has been done on the same and it proved the theory, "If you sweat together, you stay together".

#3. Bed Conversation:-

It is an easy method if you are not willing to make love every night. Come back home after work. Both of you lie down on the bed or couch, talk to each other for sometime initiating a conversation like how your day was or anything you both find relevant talking about. Before exhaustion kicks in, you can actually spend some quality time.

#4. Cook Together:-

Couples who cook together are undoubtedly one of the happiest couples. Sharing the work of one by two is helpful for both the partners and this gives you time to be more intimate with each other.

#5. Let Your Partner Know You Are Thinking About Him/Her:-

Send a text message or give a call, drop a smiley, send a bouqet of flowers, etc., These are the ways to let your partner know that even though you are away at work, you still remember them and you are thinking about them.

#6. Go For Weekly Night Walks:-

A walk to remember for a week and anticipating the same for the next week helps you to be close to each other. Spending quality time by walking together in the dark hours of the night gives a sensual and a happy feeling of being intimate.

#7. Keep The Eye Contact Game:-

This way, you directly swipe your login access to your partner's heart and feel the love they shower through the doorway- the eyes. It is a very intimate thing to do when you are a shy couple.

#8. Be Vulnerable :-

Being vulnerable does not make you weak but it helps your partner know you better, your strength and weakness, what makes you happy or sad, making the both of you be more close to each other.

Intimacy is not always about making love and these above written ways will find you your intimate moments, making your partner and you happy. Of course, if you are making love alongwith these, be certain your relationship will for sure last this century and more!

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Story first published: Thursday, March 15, 2018, 12:47 [IST]