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Signs He's Not For Long Term Relationships

Some men seem to be appealing in the initial meetings but may fail to pass the test in the long run. Some men may not make any impression in the first few meetings, but can do well in the long run.

If you are able to find out what kind of men are cut out for long term and what kind of men fail in living up to expectations, your task of finding a mate will be very easy.

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Here are some signs which indicate that a man is not cut out for long term relationships or marriage.


He Never Keeps Promises

If he gives a word, you expect him to keep it. But he always breaks his own promises and disappoints you. If that repeatedly happens then it means he'll never fit into your life for the long run.


He Never Gives A Label To Your Bond

Of course, true love never needs a label; but settling down in life requires the label called as marriage. Or at least, does he label your relationship as a committed one? If he never talks about such things, then he doesn't fit long-term relationships.

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He Avoids Certain Topics

Surface level conversations can't increase intimacy and understanding. So, if he doesn't entertain deep and open-hearted conversations, may be he's not the one for you.


He Treats You Like An Object

If he objectifies you then he can't love you. Such a man is only interested in the beauty and the pleasures that your beauty can offer. It doesn't last long.

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He Never Respects You In Public

If he has the habit of showing his frustration on you in front of his friends, he has taken you for granted. He's good for long term relationship.


He Burns His Pockets

If he borrows money from you every now and then, he is very poor at financial planning. Life with him could get risky.


He Seems To Love His Addictions More

If he seems to shiver without his drink, you cannot even imagine your life with him in the long run. Think again if he's an addict.


He Is Lazy!!!

This is the most dangerous trait in man. A man who doesn't want to work, earn or stay productive will not be able to contribute anything to married life.

Story first published: Wednesday, July 12, 2017, 20:08 [IST]
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